Maimi, Chinami to form new units

Starting this summer Maimi will be teaming up with her best friend Tokunaga Chinami for the two units “Smilies” and “Boke to Boke”, according to an article in the April issue of “U.S.O.”. The article reveals that their first single will be a double A-side, featuring the songs “Kimi ni Damashite Sumimasen” by Smilies and “Eee!? Uso Ja Nai!? ~Seishun no Gakkari~” by Boke to Boke. In the short interview included in the article, Maimi and Chinami explain that each unit will focus on different types of songs, with the Maimi-led Smilies song on the first single being more of a laid-back romantic song, and the Chinami-led Boke to Boke song being an upbeat and funny song.

“Kimi ni Damashite Sumimasen/Eee!? Uso Ja Nai!? ~Seishun no Gakkari~” will be released on June 31st, and come in 3 versions: Limited A (Smilies Ver.), Limited B (Boke to Boke Ver.), and a regular version.

Update: A scan of the article from “U.S.O.” has been uploaded courtesy of the fans at 2ch, and can be seen here.

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  1. WOW! great news! thanks will keep my eyes peeled for info closer to time! looking forward to it! 😉

  2. aww. . .and I thought that it’s true.

  3. By the way, “lie” in Japanese is “uso” (hence “U.S.O.”, which is also a fake band name Chinami used to trick Maimi when she made her surprise appearance on Maimi’s radio show). In addition, the title of Smilies’ song means “I’m sorry for tricking you” and Boke to Boke’s is “Eh!? It’s a lie, isn’t it!? ~Youthful Disappointment~”. And lastly, there’s only 30 days in June.

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