Blog update: “℃-ute photobook”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 3/26 blog update, titled “℃-ute photobook“:

Good afternoon~
It’s Maimi

I wonder if everyone who participated in the fan club Hawaii tour was able to return to Japan without any trouble…

When I think “This morning we were in Hawaii together, but now they’re not here~

I become somewhat lonely…

But, today all of ℃-ute went to the pool~

What It was a photoshoot for a ℃-ute photobook

I’m really happy that ℃-ute can appear in another photobook~

At any rate, it was the first time I went in a pool in awhile~

Though I properly covered myself in sunblock, I still became a little burned f(^-^;

It’s because I naturally absorb the sun’s rays really easily~ I get sunburned right away…

All of the other ℃-ute members were also in really high spirits, and all four of them became tired in the car,

and fell asleep with a “Whew~

Speaking of which, this is totally unrelated, but I don’t have hayfever here~

My eyes don’t itch, I don’t sneeze, my nose doesn’t feel itchy… I’m really grateful

It was still cold when we left Japan, but I wonder how warm it will be when we return…

Ah Our car has arrived, and now we’ll go eat dinner By the way, it’s 8:00PM here right now

Today we’re eating meat~(*^^*)


It’s a restaurant where you grill the meat yourself

My stomach is empty~

I will go eat a l~ot

Well then, until tomorrow’s update


I’ll attach the Hawaii pictures I haven’t been able to until now~

(2) A 2-shot with Airi

(3) A 2-shot with Chisato, too


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