Blog update: “Dinosaur memories…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 3/1 blog update, titled “Dinosaur memories…“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

How is it going, everyone
Have you caught a cold

Yesterday’s snow melted in the blink of an eye, and today’s weather has been nice

Now, March starts from today
Speaking of March, isn’t it the graduation season

There are probably a lot of graduating students who are reflecting on each day and bidding their school life farewell

Please enjoy them fully and make a lot of memories

Yesterday, all of ℃-ute had a job together

I received origami from all of the other members and Chisato’s little sister who is still small

(1) Look

“Ahaha… Please take this” Chisato said in big sister mode…

Aw I’m happy to accept it~(*^^*)

When I was younger, I really wanted a little sister

If I could have a little sister
“I want to do her hair for her
I always thought

Instead I had two older brothers,
and the things we wanted to play were different,
but I wanted to be able to make friends, so I frantically tried to follow along with their dinosaur conversations

But during them
“Huh? Triceratops fly

“Is that pteranodon… Ah~ I don’t understa~nd

And I always became sulky(-з-)lol

So I wanted a little sister I could play with…

Changing the subject completely,
Yesterday my manager said

“Right This is from Takahashi“… and gave me something Takahashi Ai-san had entrusted them with

“Eh Takahashi-san What could it be…

I was considerably surprised

What do you think she gave me


A hat that matches with Takahashi-san

A birthday present

It’s a really, really stylish hat… I was rea~lly happy

Takahashi-san, thank you

We haven’t been able to meet recently,
so I’ll attach a picture taken earlier…

(3) I’ll use it carefully

…Alright Well then, let’s have a wonderful rest of the day~

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