Blog update: “Heart-warming”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/29 blog update, titled “Heart-warming“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The snow is amazing~
My hands are ice-cold

Earlier, on my way to the station,
a car stopped next to an elderly person who was walking in front of me

“Do you want a ride to the station I’m going past there” they asked…

That person turned them down saying “I’m alright“,

and though it was cold in the snow, my heart was warmed

They saw the appearance of someone walking through the snow with difficulty, so they wanted to help out…

Though, when I was small I was taught “Don’t go with people you don’t know“,

so if that happened to me I would’ve refused,

but I’d understand their kindness in asking

So just the thought would make me really happy, I think…

…or should I say, though I had nothing to do with it, I became happy…

A nice thing happened this morning
But the trains are considerably late because of the snow…

Can I make it on time… I wonder…

Changing the subject, I was travelling to another location after a job was finished yesterday,

and I unexpectedly passed close by to the practice hall for “Stronger”,

the play that Nacky, Chisato, and Mai appear in

“They’re probably working hard right now” I thought as I passed by,

but after that, at the end of the day, we had a job where all the members of ℃-ute gathered,

so I could meet everyone for the first time in awhile

“Long time no see
“Whoa Mai, your bangs have grown~
I said

I also heard details of the play’s practice
2 weeks until the performance, huh~

I’m really looking forward to it

I’ve attached a picture with Nacky


And then, tonight at 12:59AM~
Nippon TV’s drama “SuugakuJoshi Gakuen” broadcasts


The character I play, Shibuya Mami… and the ℃-ute members…

In addition, at 1:55AM~
Fuji TV’s “Sakigake! Ongakubandzuke~EIGHT~” is on-air

Definitely watch it please

Well Today, February ends

Or should I say, this year is a leap year
One year ago today it was already 3/1…(・o・)

It feels like we’ve gained a day

February is a month where I’ve felt a lot of gratitude

I will be grateful on the last day of February,
and I will cherish the day

Without losing to the cold, let’s go enthusiastically~

…for the time being, I need to make it on time~(>_<)

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