Blog update: “Finally~”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/28 blog update, titled “Finally~“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today too~

The thing that I wrote I was looking forward to in yesterday’s blog…

It was going out to eat with Mano Erina-chan~

…and so we went to yakiniku\(^^)/

I wonder how many years ago we made the promise…

It finally came true~

We chatted a lo~t while eating yakiniku

I went to see Mano-chan’s play earlier, but I couldn’t see what happened behind the scenes, so…

I listened to Mano-chan’s stories, and thought “Ah~ Even though you performed it impressively, there were parts you were lost on~(・o・)”

I also listened to funny stories,
and I laughed a lot\(^-^)/

Talking with Mano-chan, I got a lot of motivation, and there were a lot of times I thought “I will do my best too“…

When challenging something for the first time, I’m nervous I can’t do it

…and, when those around me can do it, I become flustered…

When I said that,
Mano-chan said
“Me too~“…

I thought “Eh~ Mano-chan also feels that way“, and I was surprised…

Because the Mano-chan I see is always impressive…

So I became really motivated and thought “I’ll also do my best

In addition, I listened to stories from Mano-chan about when she was a Hello! Project Egg and her recent stories,

and we have a lot of common features and a similar mindset, and before I realized it, 3 hours had passed in the blink of an eye

We wanted to talk more,
but both of us had plans the next day So we said “bye bye”

But, “Let’s continue to eat together often” we promised~

Well then, a picture from yesterday with Mano-chan

(1) The picture I took with my cellphone was blurry, so I got the picture Mano-chan took with her’s

Ah And then, in regards to the picture in yesterday’s blog,

the thing that I found funny was

with the three of us born in February,
Chisato was also doing “Fuu~” with her mouth(≧∀≦)

And, it was cute how her left hand was clenched…

But when I read the comments,

there were many like “It looks like Airi is leaning on the staff’s hand“,

“It looks like Airi is listening to a secret“,

and “It looks like Airi is sleeping on the hand“,

and I thought “Hm What are you talking about(・o・)”,

and when I looked at the picture again,

(≧∀≦)/It’s true~(lol)

That such a funny point would also be hidden in the picture…

It’s funny how each person has a different viewpoint

Thank you for participating~

Alright I’ll do my best today
Until tomorrow~

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