Blog update: “Power”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/27 blog update, titled “Power“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today
The wind is strong though

Pollen is flying about~

I went and watched a women’s futsal game
with the members of the futsal team I belong to,

Amazing strength…
The sound when they kicked the ball was completely different

When I noticed it, everyone else and I were holding our breath while watching the first match

There were a lot of things I still didn’t understand though,

so I asked, “Hey, hey, there’s something I don’t understand, could you teach me“,

and from the 2nd match, I watched the games while learning things from the various members of our team

I made discoveries like “I see You notice that kind of thing while watching, huh~“,

and I heard and learned “Just now, if it had happened a little more like this, it would’ve been decisive, but it was close~“…

I learned a lot

In addition, I got a lo~t of motivation from all of the players who appeared in the game

I watched the players chase after the ball with all of their might and raise their voices lots and lots while they were being yelled at by their coach and stumbling,

and “It must’ve taken a great deal of effort to become as strong as they are now…

I thought.
But, there’s always someone better…
An even stronger team will appear in their next match… It’s amazing…

It’s like the proverb, “We can become good at doing what we like”…
The appearance of someone giving their all at something is dazzling
Yaji received a lot of power

…Just now…
Cologne (my pet dog) snored really loud~(^o^;) lol

She just went back to sleeping soundly though…
It surprised me and I thought, “What happened

She’s really cute
She’s sleeping peacefully…

And then, when I looked at my picture folder today, I found a funny picture

(1) Please look for the thing that Yaji finds funny~\(^o^)/

Yaji started laughing without thinking

Well There’s something I’m looking forward to today
I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s update

Well then, don’t lose to the pollen, everyone~ Until tomorrow~

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