Blog update: “Lots of happiness”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/25 blog update, titled “Lots of happiness“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s raining all over the country today
It seems really cold

Yesterday the weather was rea~lly, really nice though

Three days of cold, four days of warmth
When I think “Spring is almost here~“,

I become a little excited(*^^*)

Hayfever is rough,
but I love spring

Ah Yesterday~, for the first time in awhile, I received an e-mail from a friend I had in high school

Though we were always together at school, we haven’t met even once since I changed schools…

Her e-mails haven’t changed at all from back then though

“Though we haven’t been able to meet, I’m happy that we’ve a~lways remained friends like this” we discussed

It’s nostalgic…
But for some reason, it feels like my high school days were recent

I wonder if students have a lot of tests this season
Airi also talks about tests in her blog

Ah Tests
I remember a lot

It’s a problem for everyone
Yaji can’t do anything but cheer, but Airi and everyone, do your best on your tests~

Changing the subject,
yesterday we received cakes from my mom’s aquaintance

They were all kinds of cakes I love~…(T-T)

Along with the usual montblanc,
there was strawberry montblanc,
something that looked like fruit pudding,
strawberry tarts,
and also shortcake

I wanted to eat all of them, so I was really, really confused~

In the end, I had a strawberry tart

Ooh(T-T) It was so delicious~
Thank you
What a wonderful treat

Recently, I haven’t been able to meet Nacky and Mai
But earlier,
Chisato and I filmed for the TV Tokyo program airing on 3/3, “Tsuri Roman wo Motomete”…

On the program “HaroPuro TIME”, they showed them working hard at practice for the play “Stronger”,

so I’m itching to go see it soon~(>_<)

Those three are doing their best, and Yaji also has to do her best for the acoustic live

I’ve a~lways said “If I can showcase it someday…“,
and at the acoustic live, I will finally able to showcase singing while playing the piano for the first time

I become nervous when I think about the performance, but at any rate, I will have fun

I want to have a warm event with Airi


There’s one week remaining until the performance,
so alright I’ll do my best

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