Blog update: “Ya~y”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/23 blog update, titled “Ya~y“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This morning
I was flustered(..;)

Jobs I was nervous about were piled up…
Ah, I wonder if I’ll be okay
I’m anxious(–;) I’m nervous

I thought and was panicked,
but when it was over, it was a really fun day

Now I’m relieved(*^^*)

In March Airi and I will have an acoustic live,

and today we were able to practice with all of the members for the first time

…though I say that, I could only participate for a little of the practice,

but there was a song I was anxious about

We were told “Whether or not the two of you can sing it depends on you

When they listened today,

they said “Somehow, it seems you can do it

But, we’re still not in a state where we can let everyone hear it…
…More and more practice is necessary

Though, for now, I’ve released a lot of nervousness today,

so I’ll switch my mind over to perfect acoustic live mode

There’s 9 days left until the performance, so I’ll go into intensive trainingp(^-^)q

A scene from that rehearsal

(1) The rehearsal was really fun

Ah And then, yesterday in this area, episode 7 of the drama in which a lot of Hello! Project members appear,

“SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”, was on-air

Currently, I’ve been able to watch all 7 episodes in real-time~

I want to watch all of the episodes in real-time

By the way, yesterday was Hello! Project trainees
Takagi Sayuki-chan,
Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan,
and Tanabe Nanami-chan’s big appearance

And then, next week,
Nacky, Chisato, and Mai-chan will finally appear

During the filming, the members ○○○ed for the first time(lol)

A picture with those 3 taken earlier


And then Today at 1:00AM~
TV Tokyo’s “HaroPuro TIME” broadcasts

You can see video of Buono!’s concert in France~

I must watch I must watch

Until then, I will go take a bath

Well then, everyone, until tomorrow’s update

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