Blog update: “It’s come this year too”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/20 blog update, titled “It’s come this year too“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s finally come
Hay fever

I’m sneezing~

It’s evidence that spring is approaching

Now, yesterday we had a goods photo shoot for the solo tour starting 4/14(1)

Look look
Aren’t they cute


I saw the super soothing scene of the two wrapped up in a scarf and listening to music together,

and when I turned my camera towards them

…they pretended to sleep(゜o゜) lol

…but immediately Mai-chan started smiling (lol)


It was a fun photo shoot like that

Afterwards, I went to see KAN-san’s concert with Chisato

There are a lot of novel performances at KAN-san’s concerts, so it’s always, always really fun

The photo shoot ran late, so we couldn’t see it from the beginning But still, Chisato and I fully enjoyed it

We also laughed lots and lots during the talk…

Whether male or female, children, students, adults, there were a lot of fans,

and each and everyone was smiling

And then, when I returned home,

my brother who visited Niigata
gave me sasa dango as a souvenir

The sasa dango was delicious~

…or should I say, Niigata is nice
It’s a difficult season right now because of the heavy snow, but someday I want to go to Niigata again for the first time in awhile

Ah Also, there was something that made Yaji happy

When I wrote how to make strawberry mousse on the blog earlier,

there were a lot of people who said “I actually made it” in the comments

Until now, I thought that my recipes were probably hard to read,

and even if people could read it,
it’s necessary to gather the materials, gather the tools, and to take a lot of time, so actually making it probably becomes difficult~…,

so I didn’t write it

Though, when I attached the photos of the strawberry mousse I made as Valentine’s sweets,

I received a lot of comments that read “I want to know how to make it

I thought “Well, since strawberry mousse is easy“,

and tried writing a recipe for the first time

And then, I was surprised that more people than I thought really made it

There were also a lot of comments that said “I’ll try making it when I have time

How should I say it,

it was something I thought

“Probably no one will make it~“…
(I regret thinking like that…m(__)m)

At any rate, I was happy

Again someday,

next time I’ll write how to make the crème brûlée that I definitely want everyone to eat

But it uses more tools and takes more time than strawberry mousse…,

I wonder if anyone will be able to read it(^-^;

Of course, it’s not something you need to struggle to make, so please don’t push yourself

Though I don’t know when it’ll be, I’ll do it someday

Well then, let’s go into the afternoon in high spirits

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