Blog update: “Nightscape talk in the morning”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/19 blog update, titled “Nightscape talk in the morning“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today there’s a goods photoshoot for

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2012 Spring ~Utsukushikutte Gomen ne~”,

which starts 4/14~

We’ve only been told roughly what we’ll do though,

so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of photoshoot it will be…

I wonder what I wonder what
I’m excited~o(^o^)o

The tour this time is our first solo tour in about a year

Last year we had collaboration concerts with S/mileage and Berryz Koubou,

so I’m excited for our first solo tour in a long time(*^^*)

I have an announcement regarding that tour

We will have a special ticket application
on the ℃-ute official blog

【Special application performances】

4/15 (Sun) Suncity Koshigayashimin Hall Large Hall (Saitama)
1:00PM Opening 2:00PM Start
5:00PM Opening 6:00PM Start

4/22 (Sun) Gotanda Yuupou Hall (Tokyo)
2:00PM Opening 3:00PM Start
5:30PM Opening 6:30PM Start

4/30 (Mon) Nagoya Daigaku Bunka Shiminkaikan Aurora Hall (Aichi)
2:00PM Opening 3:00PM Start
5:30PM Opening 6:30PM Start

5/3 (Thur) Nakano Sunplaza (Tokyo)
2:00PM Opening 3:00PM Start
5:30PM Opening 6:30PM Start

5/4 (Fri)
1:00PM Opening 2:00PM Start

You can apply at this URL↓

※You can apply either from your PC or cellphone

The special application period is from
2/19 (Sun) 12:00AM until 2/26 (Sun) 11:59PM,
and it will be decided by lottery, rather than by order of application

Everyone, definitely definitely come and play at ℃-ute’s tour please

Now, today’s pictures are pictures I want to show everyone…

(1) Ta~~da

It’s super beautiful, isn’t it(T-T)

I was really, really moved~

Actually, on the broadcast of
“HaroPuro TIME” a few days earlier,

I rode a helicopter for the first time in my life


I thought about a lo~t of things while looking down on Tokyo’s nightscape

Things like, this sparkling nightscape was created by individual people

There are probably people who are still working hard in the window of that building that looks small over there

I wonder how many people I know are in the scenery that I can see right now

I wonder what kind of people are riding in the cars and trains that look like toys and models

There’s no way the people riding in those cars, the people riding in those trains, and the people in those buildings are thinking that there’s someone in the sky interested in them like this~

When I saw that wonderful scenery,
I thought about a lot of things I don’t usually think about

Originally, Chisato and the staff planned it as a surprise birthday present for Nacky, Mai, and myself

I wanted to show Airi this nightscape also, but she had rehearsal for the Buono! concerts

Airi probably would’ve been jumping up and down with delight

But, I was really, really, very, very happy
Thank you very much
I’ll remember that nightscape my entire life


Well well,
I don’t know what will happen today

But I’ll go and have fun

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