Blog update: “Diary for 2/16”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/17 blog update, titled “Diary for 2/16“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I made it I made it
Valentine’s Day sweets

“Huh Weren’t you gonna make them for White Day” I think I heard a voice say…

(Yeah m(__)m In an earlier blog I wrote that I’d make them on White Day)

But, but, I was actually OFF yesterday,

so I said “I’ll make this today“, and hurried to make strawberry mousse for a slightly belated Valentine’s

Since ℃-ute’s Mai-chan usually can’t eat sweets, I wonder if it’d be easier for her to eat if it was the strawberries that she loves I thought

Well well, my day (2/16)

First, I woke up and ate breakfast with my mom
I worked on my blog update

I practiced the piano and singing,

and after that I went to the supermarket to shop
Strawberry mousse ingredients

There was an accident here

While I was picking up the blueberries I thought I’d buy, they slipped from my hand and all flew out(>_<)

Why would something like that happen…

My own carelessness was the cause…

Two of the nearby store clerks helped me pick up the blueberries

I’m sorry… and then, thank you(T-T)

Anyhow, I finished shopping,

bought delicious looking bread at the bakery,

and returned home with a log of bags
It was surprisingly cold outside~

For the time being, I put the ingredients in the refridgerator,
and had lunch ←the bread I had just bought

It was really delicious

Sitting in the chair at the table, I listened to the songs I’ll sing at the dinner show,

but because my stomach was full, I accidentally fell asleep

Before I knew it, I was laying on the table napping…

My hand became numb, so I woke up suddenly,
and I thought “This is no good(-_-;) I’m sleepy…

So, I switched to the sofa and continued napping with my pet dog Cologne~

When I woke up, my cellphone was gone
Where Where

…when I looked for it, my cellphone was blinking under the stomach of the sleeping Cologne…

Cologne was keeping it warm like a chicken’s egg(´ω`)

After that, I did Curvy Dance,
and worked on my blog update again

My dad came home, so I went shopping with him

We went to buy something to wrap the strawberry mousse with,

and since my dad forgot his wallet,
he asked “Hey, buy your father a chou la creme
with mischevious eyes, so I bought some

Once more, I returned home

I did the remaining drawings for February

(1) I think it will appear in pictures at the Hello! Project shop in Ueno in a little while
so those who are near it, definitely look for this panda please

And then, I finally made the strawberry mousse
Strawberry mousse itself is strawberries, yogurt, sugar, gelatin, and lemon juice, so it’s really simple

I completed the strawberry mousse(2)
While it was chilling,
I had dinner with dad and mom

After eating, I made the sauce to put on strawberry mousse

As expected, making sweets is fun

I wrapped the finished product,

and I was done


Every year, I give them to ℃-ute and Berryz Koubou’s members and staff, so I really made a lot this year,
but when I really thought about it,

“Hmm I wonder if I can meet Berryz Koubou tomorrow(・・;)” I started to doubt…

When I confirmed it with chii (Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan) and my manager,

it seemed like I can’t meet them

Is that so…

It’s too bad~
…when I can meet everyone in Berryz Koubou, I’ll make it again

…since I love making sweets, it’s alright…

What should I do with the remaining strawberry mousse though

I wonder if there is anyone who will eat them
I’ll take all of them with me today

After that, I focused on listening to the songs for the event with Airi, and I wrote a lot on the lyrics cards,

but it’s really difficult
No matter how many times I listen to them, it’s impossible
I was always writing while repeatedly listening to the songs…φ(..)

My mom became angry and said “Hurry up and take a bath and go to bed“,

so I decided to continue it again tomorrow (today)…

It’s something I’ve never done until now, so while I’m still nervous, I will cooperate with Airi and do my best

I’m excited that I can challenge something new

With that, it’s finished Yajima’s 2/16~

Now, let’s have a wonderful day today too

I’ll enjoy giving out strawberry mousse
…though I say that, there are other members I can’t meet, so I want to give it to the manager to give to them

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