Blog update: “Thank you…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/16 blog update, titled “Thank you…“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I had a prepatory meeting for my dinner show in March

I want to sing that song
I want to sing this song

I had a lot of ideas, and while thinking about the balance of the song list, several were removed

Yesterday I decided the songs I will sing, so for the time being practice is all that’s left

I was also shown a recording of the dinner show that Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan did last year,

and I studied it

Ah~… Saki was consideriably nervous, and I’m also nervous

But but, despite being nervous, I want to have fun at the long-awaited dinner show

I was given a handmade Valentine’s Day muffin from Saki~

(1) Rea~lly happy

Nacky and I said
and we were moved…

Saki Thanks

After that, I went with Nacky to see “Guitar wo Mochinagara”,

the play that Mano Erina-chan appears in

It was funny~
Nacky was sitting next to me cackling (lol)

There were also moving scenes,
and the ending was happy and fun…

Though Mano-chan’s role is two-faced, her shifting was amazing, so I was really motivated by it

After the performance, the three of us took a picture, so I’ll attach it


In addition, Mano-chan gave birthday presents to Nacky and myself…

Cute cute roomwear

I’m happy~(T-T)
Though she was busy with the play, she prepared them especially for us…
Thank you

I tried it on at once
It’s soft and snuggly

The feel of it is the best

I’ll use it often
Thanks Mano-chan

Well The day is starting today too

Let’s have a wonderful day

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