Blog update: “φ(..)Drawing…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/1 blog update, titled “φ(..)Drawing…“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I ate breakfast, so my stomach is fu~ll

Yesterday was a laid-back day

But, I did nothing but draw in the afternoon

Actually, I was given a sheet of large drawing paper,
and I had to submit the drawing by a deadline,

and even when I do drawings for normal goods, I take a lot of time…

Because it’s on drawing paper, I hadn’t drawn anything yet,

so I decided “I’ll take my time and draw

And then, yesterday I drew it all at once

I was able to finish it without any trouble\(^-^)/ Yay♪

At first, the light from outside was sufficient enough, so I drew in the living room without turning on the lights,

but gradually, it became hard to see the rough draft’s pencil marks, and I realized that it had become dark…

When I’m concentrating, the day passes really quickly…(^-^;

But I love to draw, so it’s fun rather than troublesome

And then, when I finished,
I had an extreme sense of accomplisment
and I felt a sense of relief at meeting the deadline~

Ah… That’s right
I also took a picture

I’ll upload it when I’m given permission to

Well Today is
the 4th episode of the Nippon TV drama
“SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”

Today these 3 appear

(1) Kikkawa Yuu-chan(Left)

By the way, this picture,

Mano Erina-chan and Kikkawa-chan are really close friends

Before the concert they looked like they were having fun talking, so I took a picture together with those two

And then

(2) Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan

Because I’m wearing the costume’s boots, the difference in our heights has become amazing(゜o゜)

Saki’s cute~

(3) And then, last is this lady
Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga chinami-chan

A picture from when we went to okonomiyaki together earlier

The Chii in the picture is a handsome man

In actuality, I was surprised at how good she is at making okonomiyaki

The ending of the show is an unbelievable situation
Everyone, don’t miss it

And then, I have one more announcement,

Friday this week is my final episode of
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi~” as a teenager

This is the FM-PORT program
airing from 10:00PM to 11:00PM

which I regularly host,

and this time, one of our office’s important seniors,
KAN-san, appears as a guest

“Isn’t it your birthday soon
he said, and gave me a leaf pie

Thank you

When I was 16,
KAN-san wrote my duet with Abe Natsumi-san, and came to the recording, so I’m really indebted to him

It’s been 4 years since then…

Time flies

Including that story, we talk about a lot, so definitely listen to it please

Well, today is the public futsal practice

I spent all yesterday in my house, so today I’ll move a lot

Well then, let’s go and enjoy February

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