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Maimi Sightings for 2/29

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi uploaded a picture of her and Maimi rehearsing for their acoustic live in her entry on the official ℃-ute blog.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Heart-warming”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/29 blog update, titled “Heart-warming“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The snow is amazing~
My hands are ice-cold

Earlier, on my way to the station,
a car stopped next to an elderly person who was walking in front of me

“Do you want a ride to the station I’m going past there” they asked…

That person turned them down saying “I’m alright“,

and though it was cold in the snow, my heart was warmed

They saw the appearance of someone walking through the snow with difficulty, so they wanted to help out…

Though, when I was small I was taught “Don’t go with people you don’t know“,

so if that happened to me I would’ve refused,

but I’d understand their kindness in asking

So just the thought would make me really happy, I think…

…or should I say, though I had nothing to do with it, I became happy…

A nice thing happened this morning
But the trains are considerably late because of the snow…

Can I make it on time… I wonder…

Changing the subject, I was travelling to another location after a job was finished yesterday,

and I unexpectedly passed close by to the practice hall for “Stronger”,

the play that Nacky, Chisato, and Mai appear in

“They’re probably working hard right now” I thought as I passed by,

but after that, at the end of the day, we had a job where all the members of ℃-ute gathered,

so I could meet everyone for the first time in awhile

“Long time no see
“Whoa Mai, your bangs have grown~
I said

I also heard details of the play’s practice
2 weeks until the performance, huh~

I’m really looking forward to it

I’ve attached a picture with Nacky


And then, tonight at 12:59AM~
Nippon TV’s drama “SuugakuJoshi Gakuen” broadcasts


The character I play, Shibuya Mami… and the ℃-ute members…

In addition, at 1:55AM~
Fuji TV’s “Sakigake! Ongakubandzuke~EIGHT~” is on-air

Definitely watch it please

Well Today, February ends

Or should I say, this year is a leap year
One year ago today it was already 3/1…(・o・)

It feels like we’ve gained a day

February is a month where I’ve felt a lot of gratitude

I will be grateful on the last day of February,
and I will cherish the day

Without losing to the cold, let’s go enthusiastically~

…for the time being, I need to make it on time~(>_<)

Blog update: “Finally~”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/28 blog update, titled “Finally~“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today too~

The thing that I wrote I was looking forward to in yesterday’s blog…

It was going out to eat with Mano Erina-chan~

…and so we went to yakiniku\(^^)/

I wonder how many years ago we made the promise…

It finally came true~

We chatted a lo~t while eating yakiniku

I went to see Mano-chan’s play earlier, but I couldn’t see what happened behind the scenes, so…

I listened to Mano-chan’s stories, and thought “Ah~ Even though you performed it impressively, there were parts you were lost on~(・o・)”

I also listened to funny stories,
and I laughed a lot\(^-^)/

Talking with Mano-chan, I got a lot of motivation, and there were a lot of times I thought “I will do my best too“…

When challenging something for the first time, I’m nervous I can’t do it

…and, when those around me can do it, I become flustered…

When I said that,
Mano-chan said
“Me too~“…

I thought “Eh~ Mano-chan also feels that way“, and I was surprised…

Because the Mano-chan I see is always impressive…

So I became really motivated and thought “I’ll also do my best

In addition, I listened to stories from Mano-chan about when she was a Hello! Project Egg and her recent stories,

and we have a lot of common features and a similar mindset, and before I realized it, 3 hours had passed in the blink of an eye

We wanted to talk more,
but both of us had plans the next day So we said “bye bye”

But, “Let’s continue to eat together often” we promised~

Well then, a picture from yesterday with Mano-chan

(1) The picture I took with my cellphone was blurry, so I got the picture Mano-chan took with her’s

Ah And then, in regards to the picture in yesterday’s blog,

the thing that I found funny was

with the three of us born in February,
Chisato was also doing “Fuu~” with her mouth(≧∀≦)

And, it was cute how her left hand was clenched…

But when I read the comments,

there were many like “It looks like Airi is leaning on the staff’s hand“,

“It looks like Airi is listening to a secret“,

and “It looks like Airi is sleeping on the hand“,

and I thought “Hm What are you talking about(・o・)”,

and when I looked at the picture again,

(≧∀≦)/It’s true~(lol)

That such a funny point would also be hidden in the picture…

It’s funny how each person has a different viewpoint

Thank you for participating~

Alright I’ll do my best today
Until tomorrow~

Maimi Sightings for 2/27

Hello! Project soloist Mano Erina uploaded a 2-shot with Maimi in an update on her official blog. In the entry titled “Date”, Mano wrote:

Today I had my first date
with the person my heart desires

Yajima Maimi-chan(*´艸`)


The two of us
talked a lo~t
while eating yakiniku

We’re the same age,
our mindset’s the same,
and our conversation didn’t stop, didn’t stop

It’s the first time
we could talk this much~

I was happy(*^ー^*)


Blog update: “Power”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/27 blog update, titled “Power“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today
The wind is strong though

Pollen is flying about~

I went and watched a women’s futsal game
with the members of the futsal team I belong to,

Amazing strength…
The sound when they kicked the ball was completely different

When I noticed it, everyone else and I were holding our breath while watching the first match

There were a lot of things I still didn’t understand though,

so I asked, “Hey, hey, there’s something I don’t understand, could you teach me“,

and from the 2nd match, I watched the games while learning things from the various members of our team

I made discoveries like “I see You notice that kind of thing while watching, huh~“,

and I heard and learned “Just now, if it had happened a little more like this, it would’ve been decisive, but it was close~“…

I learned a lot

In addition, I got a lo~t of motivation from all of the players who appeared in the game

I watched the players chase after the ball with all of their might and raise their voices lots and lots while they were being yelled at by their coach and stumbling,

and “It must’ve taken a great deal of effort to become as strong as they are now…

I thought.
But, there’s always someone better…
An even stronger team will appear in their next match… It’s amazing…

It’s like the proverb, “We can become good at doing what we like”…
The appearance of someone giving their all at something is dazzling
Yaji received a lot of power

…Just now…
Cologne (my pet dog) snored really loud~(^o^;) lol

She just went back to sleeping soundly though…
It surprised me and I thought, “What happened

She’s really cute
She’s sleeping peacefully…

And then, when I looked at my picture folder today, I found a funny picture

(1) Please look for the thing that Yaji finds funny~\(^o^)/

Yaji started laughing without thinking

Well There’s something I’m looking forward to today
I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s update

Well then, don’t lose to the pollen, everyone~ Until tomorrow~

Maimi Yajima 20th Birthday Project update

First off, I’d like to apologize for posting this so late. For those who are unfamiliar, to commemorate Maimi’s 20th birthday and show her the following she has overseas, I asked everyone to submit their comments for Maimi, which I then translated and sent to her. I was really pleased with the response I got, as I received 25 messages for Maimi for a total of 1,910 words. The messages came from 12 different countries, with the breakdown looking like this:

7 messages from the U.S.A. (4 from California alone),
5 messages from the U.K.,
2 messages each from France, Indonesia, and the Philippines,
and 1 message each from Australia, India, Greece, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Netherlands

After translating the messages, I printed both the original English and the translated Japanese messages out and attached them in an 8″ by 8″ pink and white scrapbook (I didn’t think to take a picture until I had already placed it in the mail though, sorry). I then mailed the whole package to the Hello! Project fanclub address, where it arrived and was picked up 6 days later, according to the tracking information. From what I’ve gathered through the girls’ various blog updates, the management gives the girls their fan letters and gifts in large packages after they’ve gone through and approved everything, so just because the package has arrived doesn’t necessarily mean that Maimi has received it yet. Unfortunately, Hello! Project members almost never post about specific gifts, so it’s unlikely that it’ll ever be specifically acknowledged by Maimi in a blog entry or on her radio, so we’ll just have to hope that ended up in her hands.

I want to thank everyone again for participating. Everyone’s messages were really great, and I even found myself being moved several times. There’s no doubt in my mind that Maimi will be touched by everyone’s comments when she reads it. For those who couldn’t participate this time or those who had more they wanted to say, this project is definitely something I want to revist in the future, so stay tuned!

Maimi Sightings for 2/26

Several days earlier, fisherman Iida Sumio uploaded a 3-shot with Maimi and Chisato from their filming for “Tsuri Roman wo Motomete” in an update on his personal blog.

Blog update: “Calmed”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/26 blog update, titled “Calmed“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for the magazine “UTB”

The places we shot were
an alleyway, a Japanese house…

The atmosphere I love was drifting in the air~(*^^*)

How should I put it…
It’s calming… It feels nostalgic… Though it’s in the city, it has a calm atmosphere, so it feels like time flows slowly

In the alleyway after the rain,
there were puddles,
and leaves with heavy-looking drops of rain on them…

When I was little, I used to play hide-and-seek, tag, and explore places like this~

It felt strange looking at it like that time…

I also found this cute thing

(1) Someone’s tiny footprint… Meow

They probably accidentally stepped on it while it was being made(≧ω≦)

I wonder what kind of cat it was(←I decided myself that it was a cat, though)

I wonder if they’re still doing well now…

When I walked further…

This(゜ロ゜) This is…

A real “doko demo door”

(2) Lalalalalalalalalalala~

In Yaji’s head the “Doraemon” theme was playing(^з^)~

I immediately started humming it

The make-up artist also sung “Lalala” together with me

By the way, on the other side of this door……

…I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination(←It’s mean-spirited)

On the way home… my manager took a picture of me(゜o゜) lol


It was a photoshoot in a wonderful place
My heart was soothed~

During the photoshoot, Yaji challenged something for the first time

I was really happy I got to try it once

The style was really difficult though…

4/23 is considerably far off, but definitely check it out please

I returned home by train
I fell fast asleep

“Don don” At the last stop three female students woke me up

When I opened my eyes suddenly, the train was empty

When I thought “I slept soundly here by myself(;´д`)”, I became really embarassed(*_*)

But I’m glad it didn’t go into the garage

I’m grateful to those students
Thank you

Today is Sunday
It’s the day of the Tokyo marathon
Everyone, Yaji too, have a happy day~

Today is Fujimoto Miki-san’s birthday

Recently we haven’t had any chances to meet, but I often see her on the TV

Fujimoto-san’s stomach has become rea~lly big,
and when I think “There’s another life in there~“, I become moved

I’m really looking forward to the birth of her child

Again, Fujimoto-san, happy birthday(*^^*)

Blog update: “Lots of happiness”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/25 blog update, titled “Lots of happiness“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s raining all over the country today
It seems really cold

Yesterday the weather was rea~lly, really nice though

Three days of cold, four days of warmth
When I think “Spring is almost here~“,

I become a little excited(*^^*)

Hayfever is rough,
but I love spring

Ah Yesterday~, for the first time in awhile, I received an e-mail from a friend I had in high school

Though we were always together at school, we haven’t met even once since I changed schools…

Her e-mails haven’t changed at all from back then though

“Though we haven’t been able to meet, I’m happy that we’ve a~lways remained friends like this” we discussed

It’s nostalgic…
But for some reason, it feels like my high school days were recent

I wonder if students have a lot of tests this season
Airi also talks about tests in her blog

Ah Tests
I remember a lot

It’s a problem for everyone
Yaji can’t do anything but cheer, but Airi and everyone, do your best on your tests~

Changing the subject,
yesterday we received cakes from my mom’s aquaintance

They were all kinds of cakes I love~…(T-T)

Along with the usual montblanc,
there was strawberry montblanc,
something that looked like fruit pudding,
strawberry tarts,
and also shortcake

I wanted to eat all of them, so I was really, really confused~

In the end, I had a strawberry tart

Ooh(T-T) It was so delicious~
Thank you
What a wonderful treat

Recently, I haven’t been able to meet Nacky and Mai
But earlier,
Chisato and I filmed for the TV Tokyo program airing on 3/3, “Tsuri Roman wo Motomete”…

On the program “HaroPuro TIME”, they showed them working hard at practice for the play “Stronger”,

so I’m itching to go see it soon~(>_<)

Those three are doing their best, and Yaji also has to do her best for the acoustic live

I’ve a~lways said “If I can showcase it someday…“,
and at the acoustic live, I will finally able to showcase singing while playing the piano for the first time

I become nervous when I think about the performance, but at any rate, I will have fun

I want to have a warm event with Airi


There’s one week remaining until the performance,
so alright I’ll do my best

Maimi Sightings for 2/24

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi uploaded several 2-shots with Maimi on an update on the official ℃-ute blog titled “Maimi-chan“.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Not good…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/24 blog update, titled “Not good…“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Nice weather Nice weather
It makes me happy

And then, the stir-fried vegetables my mother made for breakfast was considerably delicious, so I was really happy(*^^*)

Aroma (my pet dog) forced her way onto my lap,

and while sticking out her nose and sniffing around, aimed at the food~(lol)

Now she’s sleeping on my lap…

Speaking of which, yesterday after work I went to a restaurant with my mom

While eating what I had ordered, a couple that was sitting diagonally from us finished eating and went to the register

“…Ah(゜ロ゜) They forgot something

They left behind a souvenir bag under the table

I caught up to them and handed it over, and it was a happy thing, a Hanabatake Bokujo bag

Tanaka Yoshitake-san, an important senior at our company, is management, so he often brings things like… Hanabatake Bokujo caramel and caramel popcorn to the office

In addition, it’s extremely delicious~

When I thought “Ah~ I wonder if that couple is going to eat it after they return home Or maybe they’re going to give it to someone” , I became happy

It seems I have a pushy character

Things that I think are delicious I want everyone to eat and think “Delicious“,

and rides that I think are fun I want everyone to rid and think “Fun“(^o^;)

So, a long time ago I said to Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan, who couldn’t ride rollercoasters,

“If you ride it, you’ll definitely have fun You think I’m tricking you Don’t you“,

and I made her ride it~

Chii rode the rollercoaster at that amusement park and loved it though, so I was glad

It’s really annoying talk to the people who dislike things…

I’ll buy a souvenir for my mom and give it to her and say “This is really delicious Eat it Eat it“,

but I’m too persistent,
so she’ll say to me

“Mother will eat it when she wants to…“(^o^;)

It’s Yaji’s bad point…( ̄▽ ̄;)
I’ll be careful

Changing the subject, I was handed this earlier

(1) The DVD for the collaboration tour with Berryz Koubou, “Berikyuu Island”

I have really fun memories of it…
This time I’ll take my time and watch it

Though my grandmother who lives far away came and watched the concert, on the day after the concert she asked “When does the DVD come out(lol)

“Not for awhile
I said, but now I gotta send it to my grandmother

Well then Let’s have a wonderful day today too

Lastly, a picture with Chii

Until tomorrow’s update~

Maimi Sightings for 2/23

Fellow ℃-ute member Okai Chisato uploaded this 2-shot of her and Maimi from their sea fishing trip in her update on the official ℃-ute blog.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Ya~y”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/23 blog update, titled “Ya~y“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This morning
I was flustered(..;)

Jobs I was nervous about were piled up…
Ah, I wonder if I’ll be okay
I’m anxious(–;) I’m nervous

I thought and was panicked,
but when it was over, it was a really fun day

Now I’m relieved(*^^*)

In March Airi and I will have an acoustic live,

and today we were able to practice with all of the members for the first time

…though I say that, I could only participate for a little of the practice,

but there was a song I was anxious about

We were told “Whether or not the two of you can sing it depends on you

When they listened today,

they said “Somehow, it seems you can do it

But, we’re still not in a state where we can let everyone hear it…
…More and more practice is necessary

Though, for now, I’ve released a lot of nervousness today,

so I’ll switch my mind over to perfect acoustic live mode

There’s 9 days left until the performance, so I’ll go into intensive trainingp(^-^)q

A scene from that rehearsal

(1) The rehearsal was really fun

Ah And then, yesterday in this area, episode 7 of the drama in which a lot of Hello! Project members appear,

“SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”, was on-air

Currently, I’ve been able to watch all 7 episodes in real-time~

I want to watch all of the episodes in real-time

By the way, yesterday was Hello! Project trainees
Takagi Sayuki-chan,
Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan,
and Tanabe Nanami-chan’s big appearance

And then, next week,
Nacky, Chisato, and Mai-chan will finally appear

During the filming, the members ○○○ed for the first time(lol)

A picture with those 3 taken earlier


And then Today at 1:00AM~
TV Tokyo’s “HaroPuro TIME” broadcasts

You can see video of Buono!’s concert in France~

I must watch I must watch

Until then, I will go take a bath

Well then, everyone, until tomorrow’s update

Maimi Sightings for 2/22

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi uploaded this 2-shot of her and Maimi in her update on the official ℃-ute blog today.

℃-ute staff member staffff2 tweeted this picture of Maimi and Chisato on their sea fishing trip yesterday.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Thank you”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/22 blog update, titled “Thank you“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

For the many comments in regards to the fifth anniversary of ℃-ute’s major debut,
thank you very much

I started to feel really warm as I read them

After our major debut,
we had our first solo concert.
I haven’t forgotten the audience I saw and how I felt at that time

When we sang our major debut single
“Sakura Chirari”,

Suki ni naru no kowai nante hajimari no goro wa ne…

Strangely, I remember this part clearly

The audience I could see from the stage,
the illumination of the spot light,
thinking “Sing as if you’re talking softly” while singing

For ℃-ute,
we did a lot of things for the first time, we were happy we could do them, and we always, always gave it everything we had

As such, we were able to arrive at a full five years since our major debut,

and from here on too, while never forgetting that feeling, I want to run forward swiftly

The people who have cheered for ℃-ute from that time

And then, the people who didn’t know about ℃-ute then, but cheer for us now

Both are people we’re really, really happy about

For loving ℃-ute,
thank you very much

The comments from everyone were too warm, so today, one day after the fifth anniversary of our major debut, I wrote about this subject again m(__)m

“I’m hungry~(^-^)
I thought, so I went to a pasta restaurant

When I realized it, one hour had passed since I finished eating

I’ll finish my apple juice in just a little bit

I need to leave the restaurant soon

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~