Blog update: “Cheerful”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/31 blog update, titled “Cheerful“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

January is ending

One month has passed since it became 2012

Yesterday I had rehearsal
for the birthday event with Nacky and Mai

This time, we decided the live corners, the songs we sing and their order, and the positioning ourselves

We watched a dance video, and choreographed ourselves…

We discussed things like “Let’s move here” and
“Here let’s jump“,

we cooperated, and we decided on the choreography and placement

Now I have to be able to memorize it with my body

Alright I’ll do my best

…regardless, I look forward to the event

I can sing the songs I want to sing too
And the corner parts are a little novel too

Actually, before we settled on the various things,
we were given a survey which asked “What kind of event do you want to have

Of course, “I want an event that everyone enjoys, and corners where all of the fans can participate in would be nice…

I thought,

and it seems Nacky and Mai also wrote the same thing, so this time the corners are the type that all of the fans can participate in

I want to have an event where everyone feels at home\(^o^)/
At any rate, let’s all look forward to it

…and then, this year we’ll have 3 birthday events…

I’m grateful that each and every year we can have an event like this where a lot of people come and celebrate…

I think there’s a lot of people who can’t come also, but I’m really grateful that they’re always cheering for and supporting us

There’s only one week until I turn 20
I want to cherish each and every day

I have an announcement

For the 10th anniversary commemoration
of the futsal team I belong to, “Gatas”,

from 6:20PM to 8:20PM
at Komazawa gymnasium

we will have a public practice

I want to show our gratitude for the past 10 years, and I want everyone to come watch this time, free of charge

Those who have the time, definitely come and watch please

Well then Today’s pictures
They are pictures with the 2 others born in February

(1) First, a 2-shot with Nacky

(2) And then, miraculously born on the same day, Mai-chan

At work before the event rehearsal, it seems Nacky was given a birthday cake, and she shared it with us

Tart cake It was too delicious, and I was too happy

Nacky, thanks…(*^^*)

(3) Lastly, a shot from when we were eating that cake

Well then, have a wonderful day today…

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