Blog update: “The wall…(゜ロ゜;”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/29 blog update, titled “The wall…(゜ロ゜;“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold~
Today I woke up because of the cold…

Yeah, I need to bundle up when I leave

Yesterday I went and watched the Buono! concert with the other ℃-ute members

The excitement of Buono!’s concerts is amazing
There were a lot of cheerful songs, so it was really fun~

The song that I love was also performed
The instant the intro played, I was like “Whoao(^o^)o”

In addition, when I watched, I wanted to have a ℃-ute concert soon~

Of course, Buono!’s 3 members’ singing and performing is really skillful

I received a lot of motivation

During the upbeat rock numbers, we became excited

During the songs with a story, we became aware of the glowsticks we were waving, stopped waving them, and started listening intently

I had another thing I had to go to, so I couldn’t watch it until the end(..)

But Buono!’s songs were looping in my head without stopping

I was humming them the whole time while commuting

Our first solo tour in about a year starts in April,

so I will work hard with a fighting spirit so that I don’t let down everyone who is looking forward to it… No So that I exceed everyone’s expections

Ah It’s completely unrelated, but the other day at an interview,

I was asked “Please bring some memorabilia

We have a room with items from the past collected,

and I found a lot of things in there

Like a video tape with a dance lesson from when we were still Hello! Project Kids

(Just video tapes are nostalgic)

Various scripts from our indies activities in 2006,

documents for our first solo concert…

Lastly, I reread fan letters I was given a long time ago,

and I started to feel of lot of nostalgia and warmth

That room has also become my brother’s exercise room

When I left the room, the barbells were in the way so I thought I’d move them,

but they were really, really heavy…

I lifted only one side, so it slipped off diagonally, and put a hole in the wall


I wanted to put it back, but it was too heavy and dangerous…

I waited for my brother to return, and entrusted it to him…

I’m sorry for the hole…(*_*)

“Other than that, barbells are dangerous, so be careful” he told me,

and I will be careful m(__)m

Well, I’ve regrouped, and today I will go cheerfully

Everyone, have a wonderful weekend

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