Blog update: “What excites me”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/24 blog update, titled “What excites me“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s dazzling~

It snowed here yesterday
The snow flakes were large, and they didn’t melt even when they landed on my hair and clothes…

It was beautiful~
The people on the street were moved too, and said
“Whoa~ It’s amazing~

The trains were a little late and it was extremely cold,

but I was so moved when I saw the snow that those things became trivial

This morning, I opened the curtains as soon as I woke up

The pure white snow-covered ground reflected the sun’s light and sparkled

It was a completely different scene than usual…(*^^*)

And when I walked out onto the snow, it made a “crunch, crunch” sound

It made me cheerful(^з^)-☆

But, it’s become slippery, so I have to be careful out there
Everyone, please take proper precautions

Changing the subject completely,

aren’t these cute


They’re treats we were given during the Hello! Project concerts

All of these are cookies(^o^)/

I have fun just looking at them\(^-^)/

There’s various designs like a cat, panda, bear, chick

In addition,
in the middle are the characters for HELLO! PROJECT…

I’m happy~

Ah By the way,
which do you think I chose

It’s in the top-right of the picture

You probably already know, huh

Of course



It made me even more happy that they had my personal favorite

(2) I also took a picture holding this cookie with Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna-chan~

There were lots and lots of other treats we were given in addition o(^o^)o

(3) Custard bread

Someone is sneaking up behind me…(lol)

Who is it

Well then, let’s have a nice day today

Soothed by the snowy landscape, already I’ve had a good morning

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