Blog update: “Announcement”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/21 blog update, titled “Announcement“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday there was a ℃-ute photoshoot

We wore a lot of outfits,
and had a lot of hairdos

This is one of the outfits

It’s spring clothing

After that,
Yajima went to an interview
for the magazine on sale 2/6, “TopYell”…

It’s almost my birthday, so they prepared this cake for me


It looks delicious It looks delicoius
I’m so excited…

And It’s fruit tart, which I love…

Thank you so much

After the interview was over and I returned to the dressing room, Airi was still there,

so I ate the cake right away with Airi, the make-up artist, and our manager

The cake was gone at an astonishing speed~
Like a scene from an anime, everyone gobbled it up…

“Whoa Where is this cake from It’s really delicious” everyone said while eating,

and even though I had nothing to do with the preparations, I was really happy

As expected, eating with everyone is more delicious~

It seems a birthday feature starts in the February issue of “TopYell”, and I appear in the first installment

I’m really happy

In addition, they also gave me this present


A lot of large bath powders…
Today there are Hello! Project concerts in Kobe,

so I will choose one and bring it with me

Tonight I want to leisurely relax in the bath\(^-^)/

During the interview,
I talked about ℃-ute’s album,
this year’s points,
turning 20, etc…

I talked about lots and lots

Definitely check it out please(^_^)

And then, I think there are people who already know,

but what
Yajima Maimi’s first casual dinner show has been decided

On 3/17 at Tokyo/Harajuku’s
Music Restaraunt La Donna,

and on 3/20 at Osaka’s
Flamingo the Arusha

they will be held

A dinner show, huh~
I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like…

But it has the image of a really adult atmosphere, so I’m somewhat nervous

At any rate, I will turn 20 and have my first casual dinner show, and I want to have a wonderful time with everyone…

And then, today are the Hello! Project concerts in Kobe

In the blink of an eye, only 4 performances remain
It’s fast~

So I don’t have any regrets, I’ll enjoy today with all of my might

Everyone, have a wonderful day~

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