Blog update: “And the winner is”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/16 blog update, titled “And the winner is“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The mornings are getting colder~

Ah I wonder if Chisato is alright…

Today in Nagoya, Chisato and I have a handshake event for the ℃-ute photobook “Cutest”,

so we continued to stay at the hotel, and when I read Chisato’s blog last night, she was lonely

Certainly, Chisato is cowardly

Before, when the 2 of us had a campaign in Nagoya, Chisato called me around 3:00AM

But I was in the middle of a dream at that time…m(__)m

When I stay at a hotel, I wake up 2 hours before the meeting time,

and when I woke up around 5:00AM, I noticed the missed call,

and I thought “I wonder what’s wrong with Chisato Surely she’s already sleeping” and with nothing to lose, I tried calling her

And then…
She was still awake and hadn’t slept at all

She was really scared
Sorry I didn’t notice my phone

After that, Chisato came to my room and slept soundly

And then, yesterday too, I read Chisato’s blog update,

so I called her and asked “Are you alright Can you sleep Do you want to come here“…

“Ah Alright, I’ll come over when I get sleepy I’ll call you again later” she said,

but she never called…(・o・)

…falling asleep when she gets tired from thinking too much is Chisato f(^^;

I wonder if she fell asleep before she noticed
That’s like Chisato, and cute(lol)

I also fell asleep before I knew it,
holding my cellphone

Next time the two of us have an opportunity like this, I want to try asking her if she wants to stay together

Well Changing the subject, the results from yesterday’s blog

Since I think there are people who’ll say “I still haven’t ready yesterday’s blog“, I will explain

Yesterday, Chii (Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan) brought the confection called chokogi

Chokogi is really delicious

Miya (Berryz Koubou’s Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan) said “Chii, I want to eat Chokogi“,

and myself “Me too
and Momo (Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chan) “Ah Momochi too

Everyone asked(*^^*)

Then, Chii said “Alright, we’ll play chokogi rock-paper-scissors“,

and we played where your placement determined how big a chokogi you could eat

I made a quiz yesterday on what the results for that rock-paper-scissors were

Just before I typed this blog, the people that correctly guessed the rankings… were 4 people

I don’t have anything special for you…

By the way, the results were…

#1: Myself(^-^)v
#2: Momo
#3: Chii
#4: Miya

First, Momo and I advanced to the next round with paper

☆Chii vs Miya☆

Rock, paper, scissors

(1) Win Chinami

And then, next is…

☆Momo vs Maimi☆

Rock, paper, scissors

(2) Win Maimi

I did it~p(^-^)q

I was given the extra-large chokogi

It was delicious
Though they were Chii’s chokogi… she gave me the biggest one(^o^;)

Thanks(*^^*) Chii

Well well, I want to relax in my room a little more

I wonder if Chisato is still sleeping…

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

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  1. For those interested, a translation of Chisato’s entry mentioned by Maimi can be found here:

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