Blog update: “Aika birthday”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/12 blog update, titled “Aikabirthday“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today, 1/12,
is Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika-chan’s birthday

Aika is a really, really good girl
Really, everyone says so
The other members, the staff, etc…

How should I say it, she can be really considerate, and has an image of being a polite person

A really wonderful girl
There’ve been a lot of times I see Aika and think “I want to follow her example

In addition, Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi said of Aika,

“When the new members joined, ‘Getting mad at the senior members and making them cautious is inexcusable‘ she said, and she took on that strict role herself… Though being like that takes physical and mental strength, she said ‘I gotta do it‘, and she does it…”…

When I heard that, I thought “Aika is amazing~“…

Aika~ Happy birthday

Have a wonderful year

And then, it finally started yesterday

The Nippon TV serial drama
“SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”

…though I say that, there are areas where it’s starting later,

so I can’t touch on the details yet

In “SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”,
there are parts where everyone thinks about math problems together,

and there’s also comedy elements

My character is named Shibuya Mami,

and I wonder if there was anyone watching last night who noticed

Actually, the characters’ last names… are the names of stations

It was a long time before I noticed it, and when I said “Ah Everyone has station names” during filming,

everyone said “Eh You just now realized it~

Please enjoy it while paying attention to what station name the Hello! Project members have

Unfortunately, there are places where people can’t watch it,

but if you have a chance to go somewhere where you can watch it, please watch it then

Well, changing the subject,
yesterday I played futsal for the first time in awhile

I’ve belonged to “Gatas Brilhantes H.P.”, the futsal team that Yoshizawa Hitomi-san is the captain of, for a long time,

but I’ve never been able to participate in practice,
so yesterday was my first practice in a really long time
I wonder how many years…

I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up,

but when I participated in the practice,
I again thought “As expected, I love being physical“…

I was really, really fun~
I sweat a lot too

Actually, I’ve had interest in being a goalie for a long time

There wasn’t enough keepers for our mini-game yesterday, so I thought “Lucky“,

and I told the coach “I want to try it“, and I took on the challenge of being a goalie

Being a goalie during practice was fun, even though it was for only a short time

Today’s picture is from before yesterday’s practice

And then, a shot of Shibuya Mami

Though it suddenly became cold, I will go out cheerfully today

Everyone, stay warm so you don’t catch a cold… OK

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