Blog update: “Snap”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/8 blog update, titled “Snap“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

There were Hello! Project concert performances yesterday

In addition, there’s 2 patterns to the concert this time,

and yesterday’s noon and evening performances were completely different

At the evening concert,
there’s a solo corner…

My turn was yesterday
I got to sing Goto Maki-san’s
“Yokohama Shinkirou”,

and each person only gets one solo

Because we get only one turn, and because yesterday was also the recording for the DVD, I was excessively nervous

But but, I was able to enjoy singing

Today there’s also a DVD recording
Today will be the last Tokyo performance

I will tanobaru with all my might

By the way, though she had the flu, Kudou Haruka-chan returned without a problem, and stood cheerfully on the stage

Though, Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan couldn’t appear at the concert yesterday because of poor health…

I’m really worried
At any rate, I want her to relax today
and get well soon…

It looks like the cold is really spreading, so everyone please wash your hands, gargle, and please be careful

And then,
my grandmother also came and watch yesterday’s concert

The night before last,
“Finally, tomorrow~” my grandmother said excitedly

When I came out from the bath that day, my grandmother and dad were sitting on the sofa,

and the two of them were watching a recording of a show I appeared on (lol)

Though it was flattering, it was a little embarassing

When this concert is released on DVD, she’ll probably say “Let me borrow it” again…

And then, at the end of last night’s performance, there was another Yajima crusher incident

In the middle of dancing, my boot’s heel snapped…

Something like that happened(・・;)

I won’t break things in 2012
is a point I will work hard on

Since I left the performance in the middle, I’m sorry for making everyone worrying

My body is completely fine

Alright Well then, I will tanobaru on the final day of Tokyo performances

Today’s pictures are from the photoshoot for this concert’s goods…

It’s the debut of this outfit on this blog

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