Maimi’s appearance on “Hagiwara Mai desu ga…”

Video streaming by Ustream

This past Thursday’s (1/5) episode of ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai’s USTREAM show “Hagiwara Mai desu ga… Nani ka??” which features a cameo by Maimi has been archived on the show’s USTREAM channel.

At around the 30:35 mark in the second part (embedded above), Mai reads a letter from a Maimi fan who says he’s conflicted about who to cheer for since Mai’s cuteness has increased lately, and asks Mai to stop being cute. Unfortunately for the fan, it’s then revealed that Maimi is actually in the studio, and Maimi joins Mai for the program. Mai offers Maimi the dish that she made earlier in the program, which Maimi gladly accepts. Maimi then asks her if the show is live, but Mai tells her it’s not and scolds Maimi for not knowing the details of the other members’ projects. Mai asks Maimi what she thinks of the fan becoming Mai’s fan instead, and Maimi says it’s “no good”. But as Maimi praises Mai’s cooking, Mai takes it as an endorsement for liking Mai instead, which Maimi continues to protest and says it’s not good to be unfaithful.

The first part of the episode can be seen here.

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