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Blog update: “Cheerful”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/31 blog update, titled “Cheerful“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

January is ending

One month has passed since it became 2012

Yesterday I had rehearsal
for the birthday event with Nacky and Mai

This time, we decided the live corners, the songs we sing and their order, and the positioning ourselves

We watched a dance video, and choreographed ourselves…

We discussed things like “Let’s move here” and
“Here let’s jump“,

we cooperated, and we decided on the choreography and placement

Now I have to be able to memorize it with my body

Alright I’ll do my best

…regardless, I look forward to the event

I can sing the songs I want to sing too
And the corner parts are a little novel too

Actually, before we settled on the various things,
we were given a survey which asked “What kind of event do you want to have

Of course, “I want an event that everyone enjoys, and corners where all of the fans can participate in would be nice…

I thought,

and it seems Nacky and Mai also wrote the same thing, so this time the corners are the type that all of the fans can participate in

I want to have an event where everyone feels at home\(^o^)/
At any rate, let’s all look forward to it

…and then, this year we’ll have 3 birthday events…

I’m grateful that each and every year we can have an event like this where a lot of people come and celebrate…

I think there’s a lot of people who can’t come also, but I’m really grateful that they’re always cheering for and supporting us

There’s only one week until I turn 20
I want to cherish each and every day

I have an announcement

For the 10th anniversary commemoration
of the futsal team I belong to, “Gatas”,

from 6:20PM to 8:20PM
at Komazawa gymnasium

we will have a public practice

I want to show our gratitude for the past 10 years, and I want everyone to come watch this time, free of charge

Those who have the time, definitely come and watch please

Well then Today’s pictures
They are pictures with the 2 others born in February

(1) First, a 2-shot with Nacky

(2) And then, miraculously born on the same day, Mai-chan

At work before the event rehearsal, it seems Nacky was given a birthday cake, and she shared it with us

Tart cake It was too delicious, and I was too happy

Nacky, thanks…(*^^*)

(3) Lastly, a shot from when we were eating that cake

Well then, have a wonderful day today…

Blog update: “Burr”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/30 blog update, titled “Burr“:

This blog is from the morning.
I apologize for the late update.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

When it became morning, Cologne (my pet dog) hopped up on my bed and slept on my stomach…

My stomach hurts…(・・;)

Is it comfortable for Cologne to sleep when our inhaling and exhaling match up…( ̄▽ ̄;)

Meanwhile, Yaji’s sleep comfort is the absolute worst…

Well… She’s cute, so it’s okay

Cologne is excessively need today…(・o・)!?

Since I was getting ready, I went back and forth between the 1st and 2nd floors, and she was always following me…

It’s okay if you sleep a little longer…

Right now too, she’s begging “Hold me Hold me“…

so I’m typing this blog while holding Cologne

Cologne is good at being spoiled…

Speaking of which, a happy thing happened earlier

Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan told me this

“My little sister said ‘I want to watch ℃-ute’s concert DVDs Is it okay if I borrow several

she said…

Of course I’ll lend you I’ll lend you
It’s my pleasure\(^o^)/

I also heard that her cellphone ringtone is ℃-ute’s “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”…(T-T)

Like~, I’m happy that she’s interested in us like that(*^^*)

…though I say that, I haven’t been able to meet Maasa since then, so I still haven’t loaned her the DVDs

Next time we meet I’ll give them to her

Well I’ll continue getting ready

Ah And then,
today is the release date for the magazine “Shuukan Entame”

℃-ute appears in it, so definitely check it out please

Well, another week starts today, so everyone Fight


Today I’ve uploaded pictures with Maasa

Blog update: “The wall…(゜ロ゜;”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/29 blog update, titled “The wall…(゜ロ゜;“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold~
Today I woke up because of the cold…

Yeah, I need to bundle up when I leave

Yesterday I went and watched the Buono! concert with the other ℃-ute members

The excitement of Buono!’s concerts is amazing
There were a lot of cheerful songs, so it was really fun~

The song that I love was also performed
The instant the intro played, I was like “Whoao(^o^)o”

In addition, when I watched, I wanted to have a ℃-ute concert soon~

Of course, Buono!’s 3 members’ singing and performing is really skillful

I received a lot of motivation

During the upbeat rock numbers, we became excited

During the songs with a story, we became aware of the glowsticks we were waving, stopped waving them, and started listening intently

I had another thing I had to go to, so I couldn’t watch it until the end(..)

But Buono!’s songs were looping in my head without stopping

I was humming them the whole time while commuting

Our first solo tour in about a year starts in April,

so I will work hard with a fighting spirit so that I don’t let down everyone who is looking forward to it… No So that I exceed everyone’s expections

Ah It’s completely unrelated, but the other day at an interview,

I was asked “Please bring some memorabilia

We have a room with items from the past collected,

and I found a lot of things in there

Like a video tape with a dance lesson from when we were still Hello! Project Kids

(Just video tapes are nostalgic)

Various scripts from our indies activities in 2006,

documents for our first solo concert…

Lastly, I reread fan letters I was given a long time ago,

and I started to feel of lot of nostalgia and warmth

That room has also become my brother’s exercise room

When I left the room, the barbells were in the way so I thought I’d move them,

but they were really, really heavy…

I lifted only one side, so it slipped off diagonally, and put a hole in the wall


I wanted to put it back, but it was too heavy and dangerous…

I waited for my brother to return, and entrusted it to him…

I’m sorry for the hole…(*_*)

“Other than that, barbells are dangerous, so be careful” he told me,

and I will be careful m(__)m

Well, I’ve regrouped, and today I will go cheerfully

Everyone, have a wonderful weekend

Blog update: “Dream!?…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/28 blog update, titled “Dream!?…“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi


we had a recording
for the TV Tokyo program

“Haropuro TIME”

This time, Chisato held a party for the February-born Nacky, Mai, and myself


We snuggled under the kotatsu, ate delicious cooking, and talked a lot

Midway, there was a surprise that completely set my excitement meter to MAX~

Just remembering it…(〃ω〃)

On the other hand, for the first time in my life I had to – – – – – -, so I was nervous and my heart was pounding

At any rate Various things happened that day

I guarantee it’s an unbelivable surprise

It was my first time

I was really excited~… It was like a dream~

Thank you very, very much


I’m grateful to the staff of Harupuro TIME too

Ahhh~… At any rate, I wanted Airi to see it too~

Airi would have probably gotten excited too…

…or rather, I want everyone to see it

That’s how moving it was(T-T)

Airi couldn’t come because she had rehearsal for the Buono! concert

That Buono! concert is today…

Airi~ Have lots and lots of fun


By the way, this episode of “Haropuro TIME” will air in February

I’ll announce the date later, so definitely watch it please

Well then,

There were some big earthquakes again, is everyone alright?

℃-ute news for 1/27: Birthday event goods

■ The Hello! Project fanclub website has added the goods list for the upcoming ℃-ute birthday fanclub event in February, which can be seen here. The goods list is made up of various photosets (Maimi’s solo photosets pictured above), a set of tins, a bag, a photobook, and a special edition shirt for each birthday girl.

Blog update: “Today”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/27 blog update, titled “Today“:

This update was written yesterday.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for updating this late

I had several jobs,
and at each and every place
various people said “It’s a little early, but…“, and gave me birthday presents

I had no idea that I would get anything today, so I was surprised

I’m really happy that a lot of people are celebrating my birthday

At the same time, the countdown to my 20th birthday has begun~ I feel…

Recently, I’ve strongly felt “I want to study various things

Today I went and studied a play

Ahh I really learned a lot
Before I went to practice, I had a lot of anxiousness and nervousness,

but from the bottom of my heart I feel “I’m glad I went

I studied acting,
and listening to opinions…

I think it was a profound day

Ah, and then, today I had a job with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan(*^^*)

The two of us talked a lot

(1) ←Today’s scene

We started talking about old times, and we had an energy like we could talk forever

I’ll write about what we did again in a later blog

(2) A bonus shot

Well well, until tomorrow
I’ll update early tomorrow


It’s been reported on a lot this morning, but Satoda Mai-san and Tanaka Masahiro-san have become engaged

They really suit each other…

Again, congratulations on the engagement
And then, always, always be happy…*clover*

Blog update: “New album”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/26 blog update, titled “New album“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold, isn’t it~
Scarf… thanks for keeping Yaji’s face warm

The weather is nice like this though~

Ah… my hands are freezing

Though I dislike the cold, the face of Aroma (my pet dog) seeing me off from the window when I leave the house is too cute, so Yaji is in a really good mood

Yesterday all of the members of ℃-ute got together

We recorded comments and were interviewed
for the album on sale on 2/8,

“Dai Nana Shou Utsukushikutte Gomen ne”

Hey Naka-san, Hagi-san (lol)
I thought I could feel their eyes when “Say cheese” was said~σ(^_^;)?…

At any rate, there’s various genres of song on the album this time

From songs with a cool feeling like “I can really dance to this song“,

to gentle songs wrapped in a feeling of happiness,

and a festival-like song that was another new challenge for ℃-ute…

And then,
this time Nacky, Chisato, and Mai’s solo songs are also included,

and Nacky’s song
is a positive song

Her cute and bright singing voice gives motivation and courage

“The lyrics are perfect for Nacky” we all talked about yesterday

Then, Chisato’s song is a really, really adult song
It really suits Chisato’s voice, and made me think “Cool

Her expressions while singing it at a concert will probably be sexy~ I can’t wait

Last is Mai-chan
Yaji loves this song
It’s cheerful

In addition, the lyrics contain things that all of the fans can relate to

There’s also parts in the lyrics that are like
“If we do this at the concert venue, everyone will start smiling, and it’ll become more fun!”

“It’s novel and funny~” I thought

It’s a song that will definitely make the concert exciting

Ah By the way,
the music video for this song will be shown on the “Hagiwara Mai desu ga… Nani ka?” program on USTREAM today at 10:00PM

I can’t wait

In addition,
our singles will be on the album,
as well as ℃-ute versions of the songs Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute released as “Berikyuu”,

so I will definitely be happy if lots of people listen to it

Well then, let’s go cheerfully today

Until tomorrow

Maimi Sightings for 1/25

Fellow ℃-ute member Okai Chisato uploaded a 2-shot with Maimi in her update on the official ℃-ute blog today.

Berryz Koubou’s captain Shimizu Saki also uploaded a 2-shot with Maimi in an entry on her solo blog.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog udate: “Ugh~(T-T)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/25 blog update, titled “Ugh~(T-T):”

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today’s a good morning
It feels nice~

But…( ̄▽ ̄;)

When I woke up and went to get out of bed, the instant I pulled off the covers,

I hit my elbow on the wall with all of my power…(*_*)


…Thanks to that… I was able to wake up… completely…(>_<)

It doesn’t hurt now, and there’s no bruise, so I’m completely fine

More than that…
something happy happened~(T-T)

Last night, I got a text from Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan which read

“I saw Maimi’s blog, and there were a few missing, so I’ll give you a picture with all of them(●´ω`●)

At first, I wondered what she was talking about, but when I opened the picture, the picture was…

(1) Too kind~(ToT)
What is this Her kindness…

Saki~, thanks(>_<)

When I look at the picture,
I notice there’s another cherry on the right

…meaning, when I took the picture (I attached it in yesterday’s blog), someone had already taken the cherry cookie(゜∀゜)

Surely, there is someone besides me who thinks “Cherries are cute

I’m glad

At any rate, I was moved by Saki’s kindness last night

Well, and then, today is the day for Nippon TV’s drama “SuugakuJoshi Gakuen”
It starts at 12:59AM~
so don’t miss it

Actually, we saw episodes 1 and 2 before they aired,

and at that time we were told “We will edit episodes 3 and after from here“,

so it our first time seeing these episodes too

Therefore, I’m really looking forward to it

Today this person has a big role

(2) Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan

It will also start airing in the Kansai area, so it’d be nice if more and more people watch the drama from here on… I feel

Well then, I’m off for today

The answer to yesterday’s question
“Who is behind me in this picture” is…


Shimizu Saki-chan~

…is a lie(>_<)

It's really Okai Chisato-chan

There were a lot of answers that said “Saki”, so I wanted to tease everyone a little


Well then, last is a picture with that mischevious Chisato


Until tomorrow’s update~

℃-ute news for 1/24: New single limited editions

■ Listing for ℃-ute’s upcoming single “Kimi wa Jitensha, Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” (You go home by bike, I go home by train), to be released on 4/18, have starting popping up on various shops online and in the process revealed that the single will have an unprecedented 6 limited editions, for a total of 7 editions. Limited editions B through F will be specific to each member, and include a solo recording of the title track. The CD Japan listing for the “Yajima Maimi version” (Limited B) can be found here.

Blog update: “What excites me”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/24 blog update, titled “What excites me“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s dazzling~

It snowed here yesterday
The snow flakes were large, and they didn’t melt even when they landed on my hair and clothes…

It was beautiful~
The people on the street were moved too, and said
“Whoa~ It’s amazing~

The trains were a little late and it was extremely cold,

but I was so moved when I saw the snow that those things became trivial

This morning, I opened the curtains as soon as I woke up

The pure white snow-covered ground reflected the sun’s light and sparkled

It was a completely different scene than usual…(*^^*)

And when I walked out onto the snow, it made a “crunch, crunch” sound

It made me cheerful(^з^)-☆

But, it’s become slippery, so I have to be careful out there
Everyone, please take proper precautions

Changing the subject completely,

aren’t these cute


They’re treats we were given during the Hello! Project concerts

All of these are cookies(^o^)/

I have fun just looking at them\(^-^)/

There’s various designs like a cat, panda, bear, chick

In addition,
in the middle are the characters for HELLO! PROJECT…

I’m happy~

Ah By the way,
which do you think I chose

It’s in the top-right of the picture

You probably already know, huh

Of course



It made me even more happy that they had my personal favorite

(2) I also took a picture holding this cookie with Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna-chan~

There were lots and lots of other treats we were given in addition o(^o^)o

(3) Custard bread

Someone is sneaking up behind me…(lol)

Who is it

Well then, let’s have a nice day today

Soothed by the snowy landscape, already I’ve had a good morning

Blog update: “Thank you”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/23 blog update, titled “Thank you

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The closing day for the Hello! Project concerts that began on the 2nd finally arrived yesterday

I enjoyed the last day with all of my might

I love seeing everyone’s smiles

When I see them, I have fun, and I start feeling happy…

So, I love a concert where I can meet a lot of smiles

When I think back,
at this New Year’s Hello! Project concert

was the first showcase
of the new song being released on 4/18
“Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku”

It’s the first ℃-ute single to be a ballad, and the dance is also unlike anything ℃-ute has done until now,

so at first, everyone thought
“I wonder what kind of response we’ll get
and we were nervous~

It’s a song with a story, and the challenge this time was to pull everyone into the world of the lyrics,

so we said “Let’s change the atmosphere to the color of ℃-ute We five are one

and harmonized our feelings before the performance…

Though my heart was pounding, it was really reassuring…

That new song,

at each venue everyone watched the stage like they were listening intently

Everyone’s delight after returning backstage was a good memory…


And then, I also wrote about it yesterday,
but this time was the last Hello! Project concert with Niigaki-san…

While singing and dancing on stage,

“From here on, the remaining Hello! Project members will have to take Niigaki-san’s share and rouse Hello! Project

I strongly felt

I also have to work harder and harder

I’m really happy there’s a wonderful senior like Niigaki-san

She taught me a lot,
helped me a lot,
and showed me a lot of kindness…

I really respect her as a person

I will always cherish the time spent together with Niigaki-san in Hello! Project,

and of course, I will follow Niigaki-san’s activities from now on, and absorb a lot

Niigaki-san, thank you very, very much.

Even if you graduate, best regards


Well then, last is this picture

(3) It’s the debut of this costume on the blog

Including everyone who couldn’t come to the venue, a lot of people cheered for us at the start of 2012, so it became a wonderful start

Thank you so very much
We will do our best in 2012 so that we can give everyone a lot of happiness

Blog update: “Closing day”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/22 blog update, titled “Closing day“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the first day of the Hello! Project concerts in Kobe

Morning Musume’s Ikuta Erina-chan couldn’t appear at the noon performance because of another job,

but Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako-chan
and S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan recovered from their poor health,

so everyone could stand together at the evening performance\(^o^)/

In the venue,
there were people from the front, all the way up to the top, so I was really happy

I could see everyone’s smiles perfectly, and it made me really happy(*^^*)

Everyone who came,
everyone who cheered,

thank you very much

After that was, what

All of the members of Hello! Project went to yakiniku

Eripon (Erina-chan) returned to Tokyo because of work in the morning, so she couldn’t participate…

But, it was my first time to go out to eat yakiniku with all of the members of Hello! Project like this

There were a ton of people,
so it was a fun dinner…

I took a lot of pictures


It was delicious~
Thanks for the meal

And then,

this morning I woke up around 4:30AM,
and for some reason I thought
“It’s already 7AM I gotta get up“…

When I called my mom to say “Good morning“,

“It’s still 4:30AM Go back to sleep” she said~

The moment I realized I could go back to sleep, I was happy…

Though, it’s a bad thing that I woke my mom up at that time…

Now, with this and that, the day has started

Today is the final day of the concert

It started on 1/2,
and it was the first concert for the new Morning Musume and S/mileage members,
and my grandmother came and watched…

so I have a lot of memories…

Though of course, the biggest is
the announcement of Morning Musume’s Niigaki Risa-san’s graduation…

The first time I heard it I felt like crying…

She’s kind, affectionate to the other members, and a senior I really love…

She’s always said
“Let’s talk some more next time“,

but the timing was never right

But yesterday, I could talk to her a lot

We talked together, and I thought “Niigaki-san’s way of thinking is really cool”

In addition, I’ve thought this for a long time, but I can feel her kindness in the way she kindly listens no matter who is talking to her,

and the way she chooses what advice to give~

A wonderful senior…

I don’t know whether or not we can stand on stage together again before she graduates,

and this may be the last time

Therefore, I will clearly reflect upon it, and stand on stage

Lastly, a picture of Niigaki-san, Eripon, and myself…


Well well, let’s have a wonderful day everyone

I’m off

Maimi Sightings for 1/21

℃-ute staff member staffff2 tweeted this shot of Maimi from the concerts today, and wrote that Maimi’s left arm in the picture is actually Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami’s.

Blog update: “Announcement”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/21 blog update, titled “Announcement“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday there was a ℃-ute photoshoot

We wore a lot of outfits,
and had a lot of hairdos

This is one of the outfits

It’s spring clothing

After that,
Yajima went to an interview
for the magazine on sale 2/6, “TopYell”…

It’s almost my birthday, so they prepared this cake for me


It looks delicious It looks delicoius
I’m so excited…

And It’s fruit tart, which I love…

Thank you so much

After the interview was over and I returned to the dressing room, Airi was still there,

so I ate the cake right away with Airi, the make-up artist, and our manager

The cake was gone at an astonishing speed~
Like a scene from an anime, everyone gobbled it up…

“Whoa Where is this cake from It’s really delicious” everyone said while eating,

and even though I had nothing to do with the preparations, I was really happy

As expected, eating with everyone is more delicious~

It seems a birthday feature starts in the February issue of “TopYell”, and I appear in the first installment

I’m really happy

In addition, they also gave me this present


A lot of large bath powders…
Today there are Hello! Project concerts in Kobe,

so I will choose one and bring it with me

Tonight I want to leisurely relax in the bath\(^-^)/

During the interview,
I talked about ℃-ute’s album,
this year’s points,
turning 20, etc…

I talked about lots and lots

Definitely check it out please(^_^)

And then, I think there are people who already know,

but what
Yajima Maimi’s first casual dinner show has been decided

On 3/17 at Tokyo/Harajuku’s
Music Restaraunt La Donna,

and on 3/20 at Osaka’s
Flamingo the Arusha

they will be held

A dinner show, huh~
I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like…

But it has the image of a really adult atmosphere, so I’m somewhat nervous

At any rate, I will turn 20 and have my first casual dinner show, and I want to have a wonderful time with everyone…

And then, today are the Hello! Project concerts in Kobe

In the blink of an eye, only 4 performances remain
It’s fast~

So I don’t have any regrets, I’ll enjoy today with all of my might

Everyone, have a wonderful day~