Blog update: “Last day of work for the year”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/30 blog update, titled “Last day of work for the year“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I walked around the city, and was surprised that there were less people than usual

Though the atmosphere of the streets feels busy at the end of the year, it completely changes to a laid-back atmosphere when the New Year’s holiday starts

Ah As expected, I love this end-of-the-year feeling

Everyone, well done on school and work this year

…but, there’s probably still people who haven’t finished their work for the year yet
I’m cheering for your hard work

Actually, we finished our work for the year with a filming today

“Happy New Year~” we said and seperated

Everyone, what are you doing now(*^^*)
Are you able to relax at home

Ah~ ah~ 2012, be a wonderful year(^-^)♪

For some reason, it feels like a change of attitude and a strange excitement,

and during New Year’s holiday, there are a lot of things I want to do and things I must do

I want to relax at home with my family

When I returned home yesterday, my pet dog Cologne was sleeping on the sofa with my dad

She slept in the exact same position as my dad(^-^)

Even how she sleeps looks like her owner…

She’s a poodle, and it looks like she was given a shampoo, so she was clean and fluffier than usual

Yeah My house calms me down and soothes me

Everyone, please have a wonderful New Year’s holiday too

Well well, lastly, a picture I took when we went home today…


Tomorrow is the last day of 2011

Please have a happy day

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