Blog update: “Merry X’mas”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s Christmas (12/25) blog update, titled “Merry X’mas“:

Merry Christmas
It’s Maimi

Christmas has arrived

I feel nostalgic for when I was young on Christmas Eve,
and I tried to fight my sleepiness thinking
“I won’t sleep until I meet Santa“…

“Santa won’t come if you’re not a good child Look, if you don’t go to bed early, Santa won’t come“…

I was often told

In the end, I fell asleep before I knew it,
and even though I didn’t have an alarm clock, I jumped out of bed around 6A.M. and cheerfully unwrapped my presents…

About this time this year too, I wonder if there are children who are like me back then who are cheerfully unwrapping their presents…

I’m in a somewhat nostalgic mood…
I’m remembering various things~

When my mom put me to bed,

she’d always put my open hands on both sides of the pillow,

and say “It’s so you can grab a lot of happiness…

and squeeze my hands

One day, when I asked
“Hey, what happens if I do this“,

“You grab a lot of happiness in these hands” she said

I feel a lot of love
Santa doesn’t visit me anymore,

but I feel a lot of gratitude for Santa, who has given me a looooot of dreams

I have a cousin who is still young, so I still feel that a lot

Surely my cousin has received a wonderful present from Santa…

Now then, changing the subject, yesterday was the fanclub event continuing from the day before,
“CutieLand 6″

During the handshake corner,
when I heard “Thank you for everything this year
and “Have a good year next year…”
I felt 2011 is ending

But but, for sure we are more grateful to everyone, including those who couldn’t come to the event

Seeing everyone’s smiles,
receiving everyone’s warm words
(Not just in person, but including letters, blog comments, and e-mails to the radio show too)

it puts me in a sincerely happy mood
I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart

Is it the effect of my mom’s charm
I’m grabbing a lot of happiness…

There are a lot of things I want to tell to everyone,
but I will keep it to myself until the last update of 2011

And then, on this Christmas day in Hamamatsu
is the closing day of the collaboration tour with Berryz Koubou

At last, it’s the final…
I feel too lonely…

So that no regrets remain, I will burn up

My worry is…

Yeah… the weather

I wonder if snow is alright

Well I become cheerful if I think about a white Christmas…

But… as long as the bullet train doesn’t stop

3 years earlier, when ℃-ute visited Hamamatsu on tour, the heavy rain stopped the bullet trains, and all of the fans who came from far away were stranded,

and I remember it took us 3 hours to return home by bus

Like, if I really think about it,
it also rained when we went to play at a certain amusement park in Shizuoka…

In the end we didn’t play, and when we went to that amusement park again because of our regret, it also rained…

When I went to Shizuoka for the filming of the currently-showing movie “Ousama Game”, it also rained…

Incidentally, when I appeared at the filming for the Nippon TV serial drama that starts on 1/11, “Suugaku JoshiGakuen”, it was aaaaallways raining…

Though I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful Mt. Fuji, I wasn’t able to…( ̄▽ ̄;)

Why is the weather bad whenever I go to Shizuoka…

Ehhhhh(/- -)/

I will tanobaru without worrying about it

Just… I hope the bullet train doesn’t stop…

Because then everyone won’t be able to return home again…(–;)

I beg you, weather

Alright Today I’ll have the best day

Because it’s Christmas day, the pictures are

(1) Santa-shot

(2) Christmas tree-shot

(3) Tree and reindeer combo

Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas…

I’m sorry this entry is so long Thank you for reading this far

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