Blog update: “You did it, Chissa”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/21 blog update, titled “You did it Chissa“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

X’mas is in 4 days
And then, only 10 days remain in 2011

Are you enjoying it, everyone
Please enjoy the remainder of 2011, and make a lot of memories

Yesterday after work, we in ℃-ute went with our managers to eat yakiniku for our year-end party

It feels like I haven’t eaten it in a long time… yakiniku
It was delicious, as usual

As expected, it’s lively when you eat with everyone, and I was aaaaallways laughing

But, Chissa flung various things at my face(((^_^;) lol

It’s good to do everything with spirit, huh~
…Well, I’m in no position to talk (lol)

Chissa looked at the salad covered in dressing, and said “Is this better if it’s mixed“, and mixed it with all of her might…

She used too much force, and some dressing hit my face…

After awhile, when everyone’s stomachs became full…

While in the middle of a fun conversation, Chissa took a drink

She finished drinking, and the instant her fingers holding the straw let go, the end of the straw faced here, and drops of oolong tea flew aimed at me…(゜゜;)

I received 2 attacks (lol)

I wonder if it’s revenge because I always throw sweat at concerts
…Just kidding

“Ah I’m sorry” she apologized,

but it’s alright, it’s alright, because it’s Okai Chisato-san

It was a really fun year-end party like that


And then, changing the subject,
recently something happy happened

It’s a casual thing,
but when I met Chii (Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan) at work,

“Maaaaaaiiiiimiiiii Are you doing well

she said(*^^*)

Though we met the day before yesterday…(lol)

We don’t meet for just one day, and she says that to me(^-^)

I was happy
Of course I’m always well Well

A picture with that Chii

I have an announcement now

The release commemoration handshake event for ℃-ute’s photobook on sale now, “Cutest”,

will be held on 1/20
at the Shinjuku Subnade store

All members of ℃-ute will appear
I want to show everyone who bought the photobook my feelings of gratitude

And then, once more,
everyone who has bought the photobook already, thank you so very much

Last is a picture from the shooting of the photobook…

Well well, I’ll tanobaru today too
Everyone have a wonderful day too…

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