“Tabioto” making-of DVD on e-LineUP!, event report

The listing for a special “Tabioto” making-of DVD has been added to the e-LineUP! website. The DVD will contain additional content from the photoshoot for “Tabioto” that wasn’t in the making-of DVD included with the photobook. The pre-order period is from 11/28 5:00PM JST (3:00AM EST) to 12/17 11:59PM (9:59AM EST) and the DVD costs 2625 Japanese yen (approximately 34 USD). As e-LineUP! doesn’t ship outside of Japan, Western fans who are interested in ordering will need to use a forwarding service like Tenso. The DVD will ship in late January to those who pre-order it. *UPDATE* The DVD is also available for order at CD Japan, which is probably a much easier and attractive option for many Western fans.

On the subject of “Tabioto”, Oricon’s Web De-View site has posted another article covering Maimi’s “Tabioto” release event. There’s no new information in the article, but it does have 4 new images from the event. The article can be seen here.

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  1. just a heads up… it’s also seemingly available to preorder from CDJapan (along with C-ute PB, “Cutest” making of DVD)…


    now you have no excuse! ;P
    support maimi!!! (^_~).V

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