Girls News article on “Tabioto” event

The website Girls News has become the latest site to publish an article covering Maimi’s “Tabioto” release commemoration event from 11/27, which contains 7 images from the event and some details not mentioned in previously covered articles. When asked at the event about her favorite picture in the photobook, Maimi picked the ones where she was making hand-made things, and said that she forgot that she was having a photoshoot during that scene. In addition to her comments about wanting to try champagne when she turns 20 covered in the other articles, the Girls News article quoted her as also saying that she’d like to get her driver’s license and go on a trip with her family.

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  1. speaking of drivers license….It’s kinda wierd that Japan allows people to get it at the age of 18 but you have to be 20 to be able to drink alcohol and smoke tobaco?!that’s really funny….if I’m not wrong in many countries you’ll be able to touch alcohol,smoke tobaco and have a driver’s license by the age of 18 right?

  2. and I wonder if any of the current H!P members who are above the age of 18 have a driver’s license?

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