News reports on “Tabioto” event

The release commemoration event for Maimi’s 5th solo photobook “Tabioto” was held today, and it was covered by several Japanese news sites. Interesting notes from the articles include Cinema Today reporting that around 1,000 fans showed up for the event, and this quote from Maimi about her drinking plans when she turns 20-years-old:

Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan told me that when she turned 20, she drank with her family, so I’d like to try drinking too. Champagne and such are cool. I don’t know what kind of flavor they have, but I’d like to try them.

Maimi also talked about the rain during the photoshoot and the incident where she lost her ticket, which she had wrote about in earlier blog updates. Check out more articles and pictures from the event by clicking on the links below.

Nikkan Sports
Daily Sports Online (Image gallery)
TV Asahi
News 24

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