Blog update: “Event”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 11/27 blog update, titled “Event“:

It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s Yamada Denki event was short, but there was a concert corner, a rock-paper-scissors competition, and a hand-shake corner

Everyone who came to meet ℃-ute, everyone who supported us from afar, thank you


Families who came to shop and little kids stopped and watched, and I was really happy

In addition
At this Yamada Denki event,

Ben E. King-san also appeared,

and when we greeted him,
he took a pictuer together with us

With Ben E. King-san A super rare picture


℃-ute are impressed

Thank you

We also appeared at Yamada Denki’s event last winter,

and at that time we sang the new single “Aitai Lonely Christmas”, which we also sang this year

It reminded me of last year’s event

If I’m not mistaken, on the return from last year’s event, our manager dropped their cellphone on the tracks while talking on it

By the way, on the way back yesterday we visited a souvenier shop

Nacky told me “Leader They have fried dough cake manjuu“, and I bought some

I’ve gotten them as a treat several times,
and they’re really, really, reaaaaally delicious

Though I bought them as a gift for my family, on the bullet train back, I couldn’t endure it and I opened it


In addition, when I ate one, I couldn’t stop…

“Ah… Just one more…
I thought, and ate another

When I returned home and gave it to my family,
they said “Delicious~” and were delighted

I want to buy them when I go to Gunma again

And then, today is
the release date for the Yajima Maimi photobook, “Tabioto”

There is a release commemoration hand-shake event at 1:00PM~ at Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store

I will show everyone my feelings of gratitude

Well well, everyone have a wonderful weekend…

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  1. Wow congrads on the Ben E king picture Maimi-chan

  2. scatter-brained Maimi tagging picture 3 as picture 1 again….lols

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