Blog update: “in Maebashi + photobook”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 11/26 blog update, titled “in Maebashi + photobook“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Right now I’m in Maebashi, Gunma

The scenery is really nice(*^^*)
It’s soothing


Now, there’s a river flowing in front of my eyes, and behind that a baseball team is practicing, and far away I can see the mountains
The autumn colors are pretty

It’s peaceful
The best (lol)

Ah Some time ago, I received this from my manager

(2) My photobook going on sale tomorrow, “Tabioto”

Already tomorrow
Please wait a moment…

I looked at it now~

Let’s see, I think it’s a book where you can enjoy seeing various sides of me, if I do say so myself

Like, in the second half, my outfit and hairstyle become adult-like

I enjoyed the photoshoot for my last teenage photobook with all my might, and there are cheerful and lively parts,

and parts where I am calm and mellow with 20-years-old close at hand…

Ah, I’m nervous about tomorrow’s release(^-^;

Each time I think “I want to make a good photobook” and tackle the photoshoot, and whether everyone will think “Nice photobook“… I’m really nervous

But I relaxed, and enjoyed the photoshoot

I want you to perserve the last teenage Yajima Maimi forever

Everyone, definitely check it out please

And then, from here today we will perform at the Yamada Denki event at Green Dome Maebashi

There are two events,
and the first is at 1:30PM~
and the second is at 5:00PM

The five of us will gather and tanobaru
Those who have time, definitely come please

Well then, let’s have a wonderful day

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