Blog update: “HAPPYBIRTHDAY Saki”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 11/22 blog update, titled “HAPPYBIRTHDAY Saki“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan has turned 20

She’s one ahead of me

She’s already an adult

Really, really, really, congratulations

Where should I start…
We met 9 and a half years ago… and there’s so many things that I probably can’t put them in order,

but I’ll write at any rate

First, I owe a lot to Saki
Saki is Berryz Koubou’s captain, and I am ℃-ute’s leader,

and occasionally leaders must be careful Though, at a time when I couldn’t do it and was worried, all of the groups leaders and captains casually gathered for a job,

and when I listened to Saki’s talk at that time, my feelings were eased

There were times Saki worried about the same things…

“Eh Saki, you’re a really good captain, but you worried about the same things as me(゜o゜)”

I was surprised,
and so we talked about being a leader and captain together,

and my way of thinking changed

In addition, I participated with Saki in the unit “ZYX” when we were in elementary school,

and our mothers became friends too, and we went to amusement parks together countless times,

took nothing but print club photos,

and we’d frequently go out to eat

Ah That’s right

We also kept an exchange diary

We continued for awhile, but I actually stopped…m(__)m

I still have it to this day
I’m sorry…(>_<)

It's really nostalgic when I reread it once in awhile,

and I'm reminded of what kind of conversation excited us, and what kind of things were popular with us…

This is the exchange diary…

(1) When I read it, I lose track of time
It’s a thing of memories

Speaking of which, last winter we saw a movie together, gazed at all the lights, and went out to eat~

When we were seperated into Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute, our activities also became seperate, and we went out privately less…

So because it was like returning to the past, I was happy…

I sent Saki a text that ready
“Happy birthday“…

A lot of people probably sent her texts at the same time, but late at night she sent me a considerably long response…

I was sleeping, but when I woke up in the morning and read the mail I was moved

Saki has a dinner show tomorrow,

and when I wrote “Being able to meet the 20-year-old Saki before me, the fans are sly (lol)”,

she replied “I’ve taken a picture of the 20-year-old Saki now, and I will send it to Maimi” and sent me a picture text

Saki in relax mode at her home wearing glasses

Though I say that, the ones who can see the real Saki sooner than me are everyone going to the dinner show

Those who are going, please cover Saki in a lot of happiness please

I want to give her my blessing from far away
Everyone who can’t go too, let’s send our feelings of celebration together

Well, the curtains open on 20 years
Have a wonderful start, and become really, really happy

From here on too, best regards always Saki


(2) A picture from an earlier event

Saki the day before yesterday
I wrote it in yesterday’s blog too, but she put on the necklace I gave her right away, and made this pose…
Thank you Saki

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