Blog update: “7 events”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 11/20 blog update, titled “7 events“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday’s rain completely stopped Today is clear(^o^)v

Yesterday were the events for the 3 consecutively released solo DVDs,

and I had 7 events in one day

It’s the first time

Everyone who came in the heavy rain… thank you very much

In addition, the events this time were talk events about 30 minutes long, and I was able to talk about various things

I’ll be 20 very soon, and can I accurately convey all the things I want to say… It was a new challenge

At first I was worried “I wonder if I can make the event a perfect success

Though, when it started, in the blink of an eye, I realized it was over That’s how it felt

I don’t usually get to have events like this, so it was fresh, and I think it was a nice experience

At the handshake portion, I handed over a special making-of DVD for the three works,

and I was able to talk with everyone lots and lots

There were people who came from far away for this event,

and there were a lot of people who said
“This is our first meeting” and
“It’s my first time to participate in an event like this“,

and I was really happy

I’d be nice if they feel “I want to come to an event or concert again“…

By the way, I changed my outfit each event

From the costumes I wore during the filming of the 3 DVDs, I decided “Next I’ll wear this” based on my feeling

Three of them

Because there are also events in Osaka on 12/10,
I will tanobaru so that I can put on an event that everyone enjoys

Today is the joint concert with Berryz Koubou in Nagoya

I want to meet everyone with a smile I’m looking forward to it

Everyone have a wonderful weekend too…

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