Blog update: “Nostalgic Enoshima”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 11/17 blog update, titled “Nostalgic Enoshima“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today at 1:00AM~
TV Tokyo’s program “Haropuro TIME” will air

In an earlier blog I wrote, “we filmed at a nostalgic place“,

and that was the filming location for this program

Enoshima is

a place I’ve visited on field trips and days trips with my mom

And then, I also have memories of going there with ℃-ute in the past

We helped at Enoshima aquarium, and as a reward, they listened to us perform one song

℃-ute didn’t have any songs yet at that time, so we sang other groups’ songs

I was able to go that same place with ℃-ute members again, and we reminisced

When I stood in the same place as that time I remembered various things that I had forgotten too, so it was really nostalgic

The time we went before, 2005, ℃-ute had just formed,

and in the six years since then, we’ve released 17 singles… I really felt a lot of people’s support again at that location

In addition, in the carefree Enoshima atmosphere I love, my cheerfulness didn’t stop

Alright, pictures from the filming

(1) An octopus rice cookie from the shopping district
Isn’t it big It’s an octopus rice cookie I made myself Definitely watch that situation when it airs please

(2) The 3 of us aimlessly in Enoshima
That kind of time is really happy It was fun Isn’t the townscape wonderful too

(3) The place where all of the aquarium’s workers listened to our song 6 years earlier

In my room there’s a picture of everyone in ℃-ute from behind as they’re glued to the big fish tank, and it’s really one of my favorites,

and I tried having one taken of the three of us like that time

The three of us have become bigger than in the picture in my room

It makes me well up with emotion

That said, it was a location where various memories were resurrected

Alright Well then, today I’ll tanobaru all day

Until tomorrow’s update

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