Details on Maimi’s 5th photobook, “Tabioto”

The product listing for Maimi’s 5th photobook, titled “Tabioto”, has been added to the Wani Books shopping site. It’ll be released on 11/27 at the price of 2840 yen (around 38 USD), and is described as Maimi’s first all-new photobook in 2 years (her previous was a collection of photos from her UTB spreads). Included with the photobook is a making-of DVD.

The theme of the photobook is “travelling alone and making memories”, and the description tells the story of Maimi who gets off the train at the beach, but is forced to wait out the heavy rain in a boarding house. However, once the rain clears up, she changes into her bathing suit and heads towards the ocean. The description also mentions a must-see studio photoshoot which will make everyone’s heart pound with images of Maimi dancing in a red one-piece, and her wet facial profile while at a rockface.

In addition, those who pre-order “Tabioto” from the Wani Books shopping site prior to 11/16 will be eligible for several bonuses. The first bonus is a special cover that’s limited to those who pre-order. Next, 30 people who pre-order will be chosen by lottery to receive a copy of “Tabioto” signed by Maimi. The third bonus is a photocard which everyone who pre-orders will receive. And lastly, 5 individuals chosen by lottery will receive a mini-poster printed on photographic paper. Though the Wani Books shop doesn’t ship to overseas addresses, you can pre-order the photobook using a fowarding service like Tenso.

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