Blog update: “Halloween”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/31 blog update, titled “Halloween“:

Happy Halloween
It’s Maimi

On the way home yesterday, there were a lot of people walking on the street wearing costumes

…for that reason, Yaji will upload a witch costume picture

(1) Trick or Treat

Everyone, be careful so you don’t get tricked…

Well well, October ends today
It’s too fast~

Year after year it starts feeling like the year went by faster

Afterwards, there are 2 months remaining this year
Let’s enjoy the rest of 2011

Ah That’s right
This year I received walnut sauce rice cakes from my grandmother

It seems like this sauce takes a really long time to make…
Despite that, each and every year she makes and sends them to us

Thank you Grandma
Of course This year’s are also the most delicious

In addition, I ate some really big pears that an acquaintance gave me

They were juicy
and really, really delicious

I also shared it with my dogs Rookie, Cologne, and Aroma(*^^*)

They looked like they enjoyed it while they munched on it

(2) When I toss it to Rookie (^-^)ノ⌒・, he catches it in his mouth and eats it

Today the talk jumped all around, and lastly…

today, on the live TBS program “Coming Soon!” at 11:50PM,

Hello! Project Mobekimasu will appear

If you have the time, definitely watch it, please

Well then, let’s tanobaru today

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  1. that’s the sweetest looking witch ever

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