Blog update: “Happy birthday”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/30 blog update, titled “Happy birthday“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Today is
Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan’s
and S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan’s birthday

In addition, yesterday was Tsunku♂-san’s
and Ogawa Makoto-san’s birthday

There’s a lot of people born in October

Fuku-can is a really clear-headed girl Earlier I worked together with her, so I could pay careful attention to her, and she has a really grown-up image In addition, she loves idols though she’s an idol, and it’s funny how she can’t stop talking about them once she starts

Meimi-chan just joined S/mileage, so I haven’t talked to her properly yet, but I’ve heard that she’s a considerably funny girl in contrary to her cute looks, so I’m curious about it too (lol)

And then, Tsunku♂-san always, always gives me a lot of advice I’ve been able perform as a member of ℃-ute because there was an audition… If Tsunku♂-san didn’t say “You pass” at that time, I wouldn’t be who I am now I’m truly grateful

In addition, Ogawa Makoto-san… Recently we haven’t been able to meet, but when I went and saw former Morning Musume member Takahashi Ai-san’s graduation concert earlier, she appeared as a surprise guest, and I was impressed by her talking and her kind smile which hasn’t changed

Everyone, happy birthday Please have a wonderful year

Well, changing the subject, as expected, Tokyo is warmer than Hokkaido

Today is the introduction of the delicious Hokkaido food we ate

First is…
Sapporo ramen


Last is Genghis Khan

We were satisfied with Hokkaido’s famous foods

Eating with everyone was really fun, and delicious

Well, I’ll tanobaru for the rest of the night

Until tomorrow

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  1. wow Maimi just can’t seem to NOT associate herself with food huh?

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