Hello! iPhone Project 2011/12 special edition

The website MacPeople has uploaded the December edition of their series Hello! iPhone Project, where Hello! Project members discuss the various apps they play. This month featured Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami (iPhone 4), Sugaya Risako (iPhone 4), and of course, Maimi (iPod Touch). Here’s a translation of the article:

Yajima: The staff has the same app, so we battle to see who can clear it first. It’s not just a time-killer, but it’s also fun using my head!

Moguratataki by Hangame
Sugaya: It’s a game I found when I felt like whacking moles. It’s a stress reducer!

Tokunaga: This is super funny, and when you tap on the button the strange old man on the screen farts
Sugaya: What the heck? That’s hilarious!
Tokunaga: When I did it in the train, I could see the people next to me making weird faces

iKanji Drill
Yajima: Since you can study kanji with this, I recommend it
Sugaya: How amazing~
Yajima: But I really can’t read kanji. There are times where I’ve gotten all the questions wrong (lol)

Stop It! Free
Tokunaga: It’s part of a series of soothing apps that relieve my stress, like birds chirping and the sound of water dropping
Yajima: On the contrary, this app only stresses me out… Stopping it on exactly 5 seconds like in “Stop It! Free”, I think “Ah~, I’m almost there” and I get irritated

Tzura Catch
Tokunaga: I like pointless games. For example, “Tzura Catch”
Yajima: Enough already. I can guess what it’s like just from the name
Tokunaga: You move an old man left and right and time it so that wig lands correctly. It’s really difficult, so I still haven’t gotten too into it

Kenuki no Tatsujin
Sugaya: Ah, I have this one!
Tokunaga: The trick is to slowly pull it out with your thumb. Cause if you pull it out quickly, the hair breaks
Sugaya: Pulling it out after pushing for a long time is also good. This is fun

Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit
Sugaya: “Nameko Saibi Kit” is popular, and I’m completely addicted to it. Fellow member Miyabi-chan (Natsuyaki) taught me about it
Tokunaga: I play it too! During their free time, Risako and Momo (Tsugunaga Momoko) would say “Ah, my nameko rotted”, so I thought “What the heck are these guys talking about?” When I tried it out, I became totally addicted (lol)

Zombie Booth
Tokunaga: Do you know about “Zombie Booth”, the app that turns a picture of your face into a zombie?
Sugaya: That’s scary~. The teeth and what-not are extremely real
Tokunaga: I have two sisters, and I made those two’s faces into zombies and showed it to them. Then, my mama said “Don’t show them that!”, and got really mad at me. I never thought I’d get in trouble for an iPhone app (lol)

The three girls also commented on their two upcoming releases: “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” by Berikyuu and “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” by Mobekimasu.

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku
Tokunaga: It’s the ending theme for the Berikyuu movie “Ousama Game”, which releases on 12/17. It’s a graduation song, so it reminded me of when I was a middle school student (lol). By the way, the outfits are hakama!
Yajima: It’s a graduation song, but since it’s being released in November…
Sugaya: It’s the feeling of anticipation!

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
Tokunaga: There’s a lot of people, huh
Yajima: I wouldn’t notice if someone was missing (lol)
Sugaya: In regards to the song, the singing assignment is really complex, so remembering it was really difficult
Tokunaga: There’s also 3 patterns for the dance
Yajima: The PV filming was amazing
Sugaya: It was really hurried (lol)
Yajima: There’s a scene where everyone moves as they please, and I want people to pay close attention to that
Tokunaga: Though everyone was scattered, it was actually funny!

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