Blog update: “A lot I want to write about…m(__)m”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 10/28 blog update, titled “A lot I want to write about…m(__)m“:

This entry was written in the morning.
I apologize for the late update.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was
Morning Musume’s Kudou Haruka-chan’s birthday

Kudou-chan is really tiny and cute

Before she joined Morning Musume, she participated in activities as a member of Hello! Project Eggs,

and I was moved when I saw her bringing everyone together with her tiny body

We had an interview for a magazine together while she was still an Egg

Though she seemed really nervous at the interview, she responded clearly

When I called out “Good job~” after it was over, as if she was released from the nervousness and felt relieved,

she started crying

She was burdened with the responsibility and pressure of representing Eggs all by herself, it seems~…

The fact that she didn’t cry during the interview,
and that she replied clearly despite being so nervous,
was remarkable~ I thought

When I was around Kudou-chan’s age,
I was worried about my small voice…

Surely, she’ll learn and experience various things as a member of Morning Musume after this, and since Kudou-chan gives it her all no matter what she’s doing,

I think her great effort will bear fruit

Kudou-chan, happy birthday Best regards

In addition, yesterday there was a press conference
for the BS-TBS short drama
that will broadcast 11/7 & 8 at 8:54PM~,
“Mannequin Girls”


The models
Okamoto Anri-san,
Yano Mikiko-san,
and the actor
Matsushima Shota-san
also appear in it

It’s my first time to play a mannequin

I controlled my blinking, and my eyes became teary

The filming was really fun
Though I was a little nervous playing a mannequin alongside models

After it broadcasts, you can watch this drama on a computer as many times as you like,

and when you click on the clothes we are wearing while watching the story,

and you can buy that merchandise right there

Don’t you think it’s really convenient

Definitely, you can enjoy the story while having fun shopping I think

And then, after the press conference,

there was a release commemoration handshake event for the magazine
“Hello! Channel vol.6”

I was really happy that I could listen to a lot of people’s voices directly

I could share my feelings of gratitude,
and I received a lot of power

Everyone who checked out Hello! Channel, thank you very much

(2) With yesterday’s handshake event members

Alright Well then, today I’ll arrive in Hokkaido

In hopes that a lot of people will learn about us, I will tanobaru with everyone

Everyone, have a wonderful day too

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