Blog update: “Dream☆Collaboration”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/26 blog update, titled “Dream☆Collaboration“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The “℃-fest 2011 Fall ~℃-nacchau no yo: Yume☆Collaboration~”

event at Yamano Hall is finished

It was an event with
Nacky and Mai…

Wah(^o^) Though I was really, really nervous, it was really fun

It was different than a solo event, and having two other people there was really reassuring

If I’m by myself, I’m always on-edge

Well, I was considerably on-edge before the performance today too

In addition, Airi and Chisato sent me a text cheering for me this morning

Today we did both the 3-person and 5-person variations of the battle cry,

and I was able to go out on stage perfectly fired-up…

When I stood on the stage, I really had fun

Furthermore, this time
we sang songs we don’t usually sing,
the singing assignments were different than usual,
and we sang solo songs with 2 back-up dancers,

so there were challenges unique to this event

Based on the concept of
“an exciting event”,

we shared our opinions amongst ourselves and selected the songs

We also decided things like the costumes and costume change timing with everyone,

so there was a lot of conversation, and I worried about it until the very end

A lot of people came even though it was a weekday, so I was really happy

If everyone had a fun time, I’m glad

There’s an additional performance of this event on 11/15 at Yokohama BLITZ,

so the people who said
“I couldn’t go today“,
and the people who thought
“I want to go again“,

definitely, come and watch please

Alright I’ll tanobaru tomorrow too
Since I was given a lot of power

Everyone, have a wonderful, wonderful day please

Good night~

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