“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 3

Here are the previous recaps for Maimi and Chinami’s appearance on “Wata@ame”:

Part 1 Part 2

After having successfully clearing their mission and winning the signed posters for the viewers, the hosts Matsuo and Katou introduced the next corner: “Find the 〇〇 Pico”. They all opened the laptops in front of them, as Michelle explained that today’s event is “Find the Pico Props Champ!” The rules are that they have 10 minutes to get as many “Pico Props” as possible in the Ameba Studio rooms. Whoever gets the most Pico Props wins, and the bottom 2 have to perform a punishment game.

For those who are unfamiliar, Ameba Pico is a service where you can create an avatar (in this case, a “Pico”, but called “Pigg” in the Japanese version) and then spend time with other users in various rooms. If you see a person whose Pico you like, you can click on them to give them “Pico Props” (“Good Pigg” in the Japanese version).

The punishment for the players who get 3rd and 4th place was decided by last week’s hosts, the comedy duo “Rocchi”, and was that they had to continually say “It’s hard as a rock!” like a handsome guy. With everything in place, all of the players appealed to the viewers to give them “Pico Props”, and the game began.

Ten minutes later, Michelle notified all the players that time was up and told them all to return to their in-game rooms. They then announced their scores one-by-one: Matsuo got 136 Pico Props, Katou got 189, Chinami got 170, and Maimi got 158. As a result, Matsuo and Maimi had to do the aforementioned punishment at the end of the program.

Matsuo then announced that the show would soon be ending, and asked the girls for their impressions. Chinami said that she knew a lot about Ameba Pico since her little sister plays it, and that it was fun and she wants to do it again. Katou told her that people from all over the world were participating, not just from Japan, which surprised Chinami.

Maimi said that she doesn’t usually use a computer, but it was fun, and that she hopes a lot of people learned about Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute from watching the quiz. Matsuo then asked Maimi how many people she thought were watching, before telling both of them that the count was over 22,000.

After a conversation about what they thought of the hosts, Matsuo invited the girls to promote their upcoming releases, with Chinami introducing Berikyuu’s 11/9 release “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” and Maimi introducing Hello! Project Mobekimasu’s 11/16 single “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” and describing the meaning of the title. Matsuo pointed out that Chinami didn’t talk much when doing her promotion, and she said it was because she’s bad at it and is an idiot, which Maimi protested.

Out of the blue, Katou suddenly asked the girls if they’re prohibited from having relationships, which the two confirmed. He added that it’s strict, but Chinami said that they like singing and dancing more, and it’s fun to perform for the fans. With that talk aside, the girls then introduced the premiere of the music video for “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku”.

After the video had finished, the group set about completing the final corner, in which they had to come up with a command for next week’s hosts, the comedy duo “Haraichi”, who Chinami knew but Maimi didnt. Once that was settled, Matsuo and Maimi took their spots in front of the camera to complete their punishment for coming in last in the Ameba Pico game. As Katou and Chinami egged them on, the two repeatedly said “It’s hard as a rock!” and slapped their biceps like handsome guys to end the show.

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  1. wonder how come Maimi-chan “lost” =x >.<

  2. thank you for the translate B.G. this was great work!

    and maimi playing a computer game?! somehow i find that image really funny! xD giggling maimi… maimi smiled so much with chinami there… bet she had much fun! (^_^)

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