“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 2

The first part of the recap of Maimi and Chinami’s appearance on “Wata@ame” can be found here.

Continuing with the quiz corner, Chinami introduced the 2nd question: “How many members are in Berryz Koubou?” Both Matsuo and Katou both correctly guessed 7, bringing the score to 2-0. Before Maimi could present the next question, however, her mic fell off and she had to have it reattached by a staff member.

After that was taken care of, Maimi presented the 3rd question: “Goukon (Japanese for a drinking party comprised of members of the opposite sex) is short for goudou konpa, but what is idol goukon short for?” Matsuo said that it certainly couldn’t be a mixer where they drink with boys, before finally guessing “goudou concert”, which was the correct answer.

The next question, presented by Chinami, was “What idol project do ℃-ute, Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume, etc. belong to?” However, Chinami couldn’t read some of the kanji in the question and had to consult with Maimi, which caused her to be teased by the hosts. Matsuo began to talk about how he was familiar with it because one of his comedy seniors, and accidentally let the answer, “Hello! Project”, slip out.

The score was then 4-0, and the hosts only needed one more correct answer to clear their mission. Maimi revealed the next question to be “How many dogs does Yajima Maimi have?” After much stalling, Katou guessed 5 dogs, since it’s the same as the number of ℃-ute members. The correct answer, however, was 3.

On to the 6th question, “What does Maimi usually throw during concerts?” Katou said he knew because he goes to all the concerts, and he guessed shuriken (ninja stars), but then changed his answer to balloons along with Matsuo. Chinami revealed the correct answer to be “sweat”, but Katou had trouble believing that Maimi hasn’t thrown shuriken even once.

Still needing only one more correct answer to win, Maimi gave the hosts the next question: “What is the tallest member in Berryz Koubou’s height?” Matsuo and Katou asked for several hints, including how short is the shortest member (150cm, 4’11”), where does Chinami’s height rank (3rd), and how tall is Chinami (164cm, 5’4″). Katou ended up guessing 175cm, which was only 1cm off from the correct answer, 176cm (5’10”).

Chinami presented the 8th question, “How old was the youngest member of ℃-ute at the time of her audition?”, but was again teased by the hosts for her poor kanji reading skill. They both then incorrectly guessed 10-years-old, bringing the score to 4-4 and leaving Matsuo and Katou only 2 more chances to clear their mission.

After stumbling on the pronunciation of the song name a bit, Maimi gave the hosts the 9th question: “In the Berryz Koubou song “Special Generation”, there’s the lyric “〇〇 sugidatte”. What word goes in place of 〇〇?” Katou initially tried to pass, but then Chinami kindly offered the hint that it was the name of a train station. Both hosts guessed Ikebukuro, which was the correct answer, finally clearing the mission and winning the 3 sets of signed posters for the viewers.

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  1. chinami consulting maimi on kanji! xD
    maimi is actually pretty good at kanji amongst mobekimasu 😉

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