“Wata@ame” 10/3 recap, Part 1

This past Tuesday (10/3) Maimi appeared with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami on the USTREAM show “wata@ame”. The hosts of the show, the comedy duo Zabunguru’s Matsuo Yousuke (sitting on the left, wearing glasses) and Katou Ayumu (right), and the assistant MC Michelle introduced themselves and the show’s corners before they brought in Maimi and Chinami.

Matsuo started by asking the girls if they were familiar with Zabunguru, to which the girls responded by mimicing their one-shot gag, saying “It’s hard as a rock!” and slapping their biceps. They were then asked their age, and when the girls both responded that they are 19-years-old, Matsuo asked them if they were close friends in their private life.

Chinami said that her and Maimi are super close friends, so Katou asked them what they do together. Maimi said that they go to the aquarium, and because Chinami loves sea lions, she made her go see the sea lion show twice. Because Maimi said “made her”, Katsuo laughed and asked if it was okay to say that because they were close friends, to which Chinami acknowledged that they really are close friends.

Katou said that him and Matsuo are similarly close friends too, and they went to the aquarium too and saw the manatee. He added that they also take baths together, but Chinami said that her and Maimi don’t do that. The two members of Zabunguru assured them that someday they’ll reach the point in their friendship where they take baths together, though.

After the opening talk was finished, Matsuo introduced the first corner: “Pestering the guest!? Give us a present!” For this corner, if the hosts complete their mission, they will win a present from the guests to give to the audience. Maimi and Chinami then revealed that they brought 3 sets of signed posters for Berryz latest single “Aa, Yoru ga Akeru” and ℃-ute’s latest single “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”.

Katou thought that it was a pain in the ass that they had answer questions to get the gift, so Matsuo hit him on the head for complaining, and then again when he wouldn’t stop crying. After Katou calmed down, Michelle explained that today’s mission was that Zabunguru had to pass the idol quiz, and needed to get 5 questions right in order to do that.

Katou was surprised that it was only 5 questions instead of all of them, and declared that it’d be an easy victory, but Chinami said that the questions were considerably difficult. Katou’s confidence didn’t waver, as he claimed to have all of “Berry Koubou” and ℃-ute’s CDs. Matsuo doubted him and asked how many CDs there are, and Katou responded that he has over 100. Chinami and Maimi protested that they don’t have that many CDs, but Katou said he bought multiple copies.

Moving on to the quiz, Maimi introduced the first question: “How many members are in ℃-ute?” Matsuo guessed 5 and Katou guessed 9, because of ℃-ute’s name (9 is often pronounced “kyuu” in Japanese), but they eventually agreed on 5, which Maimi revealed as the correct answer. Katou said that the question was too easy, but Maimi brought up that he originally said “9”, to which he feigned ignorance.

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  1. lol….nice summary BG…

  2. this was such a great show for us maimi fans! glad for the translate!

    maimi and chii in a bath together?! damn it stop feeding our fantasies! >_< xD

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