Blog update: “Gratitude.”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s eleventh update on the Sengoku Jieitai Kikan-seyo blog, titled “Gratitude.“:

Two days have passed since “Sengoku Jieitai” ended,

and very soon this blog will end too!!

Through this blog,
everyone could learn about the other side of the play(*^^*)

What each person was thinking, what they challenged in this play,

what they felt at the practices and performances,

and there was emotional attachment to each scene,

“I was advised to do this in this scene…”

and “The scene here, I couldn’t do it well at first, but I discussed it with everyone and put it in order…”

and other various things I remember.

Plays and concerts, everything in those performances is for everyone who comes to watch,

and so that we can do something good at those performances, and then, so that it becomes a play that remains in everyone’s hearts, we practice repeatedly,

and not just me, but everyone ran into walls with their roles, and worried a lot.

“What should I do?(>_<)"
"I'm nervous…(;´д`)"

Everyone who was saying that,

as the practices piled up, they started to have a confident appearance.

Myself included, worrying together with everyone about our roles, discovering various things, I'm really glad♪

I'm really grateful to my costars and the director Suzuki Sanae-san too!!

I always, always felt a good tension, and as practice progressed, I received a lot of advice and things to watch for.

I can't live up to that demand immediately, and there are a lot of things I'm impatient about,

but I think it became a chance to grow personally!!

I'm really grateful…

And then, everyone who came to the venue, everyone who supported us,

thank you very much.

How was "Sengoku Jieitai"?

If this play made people feel various things,

and if it became a play that remains in everyone's heart, I'm really happy!!

Those who wanted to see, but couldn't come, it'll also become a DVD afterwards, so I'll be happy if you check it out♪

everyone who read this blog,

thank you very much for these two months.

I was really happy that we could convey our feelings a lot and teach everyone about the play.

"Sengoku Jieitai ~Josei Jieikan Kikan-seyo~"

at 7:00PM~

will be broadcast on USTREAM, and in addition, we will be doing live audio commentary, so definitely watch it please♪

"Sengoku Jieitai" is the best!!
Thank you!

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  1. that kid is damn lucky! >_<
    i'm glad they had this blog since we got some extra maimi info from the stage play, since we couldn't attend

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