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Maimi Sightings for 10/31

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi uploaded a shot of some Mobekimasu members including Maimi in her Halloween update on the official ℃-ute blog.

Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi and soloist Mano Erina both posted a group picture of the Mobekimasu members appearing live on “Coming Soon!” along with former Hello! Project member Goto Maki, who also appeared. Sayumi’s entry can be seen here, and Mano’s here.

In addition, Goto Maki herself posted another version of the picture over on her official blog.

Full translations of the other members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

Details on Maimi’s 5th photobook, “Tabioto”

The product listing for Maimi’s 5th photobook, titled “Tabioto”, has been added to the Wani Books shopping site. It’ll be released on 11/27 at the price of 2840 yen (around 38 USD), and is described as Maimi’s first all-new photobook in 2 years (her previous was a collection of photos from her UTB spreads). Included with the photobook is a making-of DVD.

The theme of the photobook is “travelling alone and making memories”, and the description tells the story of Maimi who gets off the train at the beach, but is forced to wait out the heavy rain in a boarding house. However, once the rain clears up, she changes into her bathing suit and heads towards the ocean. The description also mentions a must-see studio photoshoot which will make everyone’s heart pound with images of Maimi dancing in a red one-piece, and her wet facial profile while at a rockface.

In addition, those who pre-order “Tabioto” from the Wani Books shopping site prior to 11/16 will be eligible for several bonuses. The first bonus is a special cover that’s limited to those who pre-order. Next, 30 people who pre-order will be chosen by lottery to receive a copy of “Tabioto” signed by Maimi. The third bonus is a photocard which everyone who pre-orders will receive. And lastly, 5 individuals chosen by lottery will receive a mini-poster printed on photographic paper. Though the Wani Books shop doesn’t ship to overseas addresses, you can pre-order the photobook using a fowarding service like Tenso.

Blog update: “Halloween”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/31 blog update, titled “Halloween“:

Happy Halloween
It’s Maimi

On the way home yesterday, there were a lot of people walking on the street wearing costumes

…for that reason, Yaji will upload a witch costume picture

(1) Trick or Treat

Everyone, be careful so you don’t get tricked…

Well well, October ends today
It’s too fast~

Year after year it starts feeling like the year went by faster

Afterwards, there are 2 months remaining this year
Let’s enjoy the rest of 2011

Ah That’s right
This year I received walnut sauce rice cakes from my grandmother

It seems like this sauce takes a really long time to make…
Despite that, each and every year she makes and sends them to us

Thank you Grandma
Of course This year’s are also the most delicious

In addition, I ate some really big pears that an acquaintance gave me

They were juicy
and really, really delicious

I also shared it with my dogs Rookie, Cologne, and Aroma(*^^*)

They looked like they enjoyed it while they munched on it

(2) When I toss it to Rookie (^-^)ノ⌒・, he catches it in his mouth and eats it

Today the talk jumped all around, and lastly…

today, on the live TBS program “Coming Soon!” at 11:50PM,

Hello! Project Mobekimasu will appear

If you have the time, definitely watch it, please

Well then, let’s tanobaru today

“Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)

The official ℃-ute YouTube channel has finally added the solo versions of “Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” from the single’s release event DVD.

Blog update: “Happy birthday”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/30 blog update, titled “Happy birthday“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Today is
Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan’s
and S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan’s birthday

In addition, yesterday was Tsunku♂-san’s
and Ogawa Makoto-san’s birthday

There’s a lot of people born in October

Fuku-can is a really clear-headed girl Earlier I worked together with her, so I could pay careful attention to her, and she has a really grown-up image In addition, she loves idols though she’s an idol, and it’s funny how she can’t stop talking about them once she starts

Meimi-chan just joined S/mileage, so I haven’t talked to her properly yet, but I’ve heard that she’s a considerably funny girl in contrary to her cute looks, so I’m curious about it too (lol)

And then, Tsunku♂-san always, always gives me a lot of advice I’ve been able perform as a member of ℃-ute because there was an audition… If Tsunku♂-san didn’t say “You pass” at that time, I wouldn’t be who I am now I’m truly grateful

In addition, Ogawa Makoto-san… Recently we haven’t been able to meet, but when I went and saw former Morning Musume member Takahashi Ai-san’s graduation concert earlier, she appeared as a surprise guest, and I was impressed by her talking and her kind smile which hasn’t changed

Everyone, happy birthday Please have a wonderful year

Well, changing the subject, as expected, Tokyo is warmer than Hokkaido

Today is the introduction of the delicious Hokkaido food we ate

First is…
Sapporo ramen


Last is Genghis Khan

We were satisfied with Hokkaido’s famous foods

Eating with everyone was really fun, and delicious

Well, I’ll tanobaru for the rest of the night

Until tomorrow

Hello! iPhone Project 2011/12 special edition

The website MacPeople has uploaded the December edition of their series Hello! iPhone Project, where Hello! Project members discuss the various apps they play. This month featured Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami (iPhone 4), Sugaya Risako (iPhone 4), and of course, Maimi (iPod Touch). Here’s a translation of the article:

Yajima: The staff has the same app, so we battle to see who can clear it first. It’s not just a time-killer, but it’s also fun using my head!

Moguratataki by Hangame
Sugaya: It’s a game I found when I felt like whacking moles. It’s a stress reducer!

Tokunaga: This is super funny, and when you tap on the button the strange old man on the screen farts
Sugaya: What the heck? That’s hilarious!
Tokunaga: When I did it in the train, I could see the people next to me making weird faces

iKanji Drill
Yajima: Since you can study kanji with this, I recommend it
Sugaya: How amazing~
Yajima: But I really can’t read kanji. There are times where I’ve gotten all the questions wrong (lol)

Stop It! Free
Tokunaga: It’s part of a series of soothing apps that relieve my stress, like birds chirping and the sound of water dropping
Yajima: On the contrary, this app only stresses me out… Stopping it on exactly 5 seconds like in “Stop It! Free”, I think “Ah~, I’m almost there” and I get irritated

Tzura Catch
Tokunaga: I like pointless games. For example, “Tzura Catch”
Yajima: Enough already. I can guess what it’s like just from the name
Tokunaga: You move an old man left and right and time it so that wig lands correctly. It’s really difficult, so I still haven’t gotten too into it

Kenuki no Tatsujin
Sugaya: Ah, I have this one!
Tokunaga: The trick is to slowly pull it out with your thumb. Cause if you pull it out quickly, the hair breaks
Sugaya: Pulling it out after pushing for a long time is also good. This is fun

Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit
Sugaya: “Nameko Saibi Kit” is popular, and I’m completely addicted to it. Fellow member Miyabi-chan (Natsuyaki) taught me about it
Tokunaga: I play it too! During their free time, Risako and Momo (Tsugunaga Momoko) would say “Ah, my nameko rotted”, so I thought “What the heck are these guys talking about?” When I tried it out, I became totally addicted (lol)

Zombie Booth
Tokunaga: Do you know about “Zombie Booth”, the app that turns a picture of your face into a zombie?
Sugaya: That’s scary~. The teeth and what-not are extremely real
Tokunaga: I have two sisters, and I made those two’s faces into zombies and showed it to them. Then, my mama said “Don’t show them that!”, and got really mad at me. I never thought I’d get in trouble for an iPhone app (lol)

The three girls also commented on their two upcoming releases: “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku” by Berikyuu and “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” by Mobekimasu.

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku
Tokunaga: It’s the ending theme for the Berikyuu movie “Ousama Game”, which releases on 12/17. It’s a graduation song, so it reminded me of when I was a middle school student (lol). By the way, the outfits are hakama!
Yajima: It’s a graduation song, but since it’s being released in November…
Sugaya: It’s the feeling of anticipation!

Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
Tokunaga: There’s a lot of people, huh
Yajima: I wouldn’t notice if someone was missing (lol)
Sugaya: In regards to the song, the singing assignment is really complex, so remembering it was really difficult
Tokunaga: There’s also 3 patterns for the dance
Yajima: The PV filming was amazing
Sugaya: It was really hurried (lol)
Yajima: There’s a scene where everyone moves as they please, and I want people to pay close attention to that
Tokunaga: Though everyone was scattered, it was actually funny!

Maimi Sightings for 10/29

S/mileage member Fukuda Kanon shared a couple of 3-shots with Maimi and Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa over on her official blog. Kanon wrote that she was initially nervous being without the other S/mileage members, but Maimi and Maasa’s dependability and kindness made her feel relieved. added another article on Maimi’s new short drama “Mannequin Girls”, which includes a shot of her from the press conference.

Full translations of the other members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “I’m home♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/29 blog update, titled “I’m home“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

The two-day Hello! Project Mobekimasu Sapporo campaign is over

Hokkaido… it’s a wonderful place

It’s been over two years since I had been to Hokkaido,

and I was able to meet the Hokkaido fans who I usually can’t go and meet at the events at Ario Sapporo shopping mall,

and teach those who don’t know about us about ourselves through radio, magazines, television, etc.,

and it was a really full two days

I thought “There are a lot of people who support us like this in Hokkaido too~“, and I was really happy,

and it reminded me of ℃-ute’s debut, when like today we went to shopping malls in various places, including Hokkaido

During a break in the campaign, we casually dropped by this clocktower

This clock tower is a place I remember visiting with ℃-ute


In addition, on the first night
Morning Musume 9th generation member
Sayashi Riho-chan
and 10th generation member
Satou Masaki-chan also joined us

With the exception of jobs involving everyone in Hello! Project, I haven’t worked together with the two of them until now,

so I was able to get to know them well during the Hokkaido campaign

Innocent and soft


She adores Sayashi-chan like an older sister, and she often asked

“Um, what should I do here

Sayashi-chan taught her various things


Always by Masaki-chan’s side,
“This is how you do it” she tried to teach her with all her might

Watching those two,
Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan,
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan,
and myself,

it caused our chest to tighten

They looked like real sisters, and it was really, really soothing…

I absolutely want to go to Hokkaido again for a concert or something similar(>_<)

I will definitely go someday(`・∀・´)

Well, there were a lot of things that happened in Hokkaido, so I can’t write about all of them today

Later on, I’ll upload volume 2 of the Hokkaido report

Well well, sweet dreams everyone…
Good night

Maimi Sightings for 10/28

S/mileage staff went to Twitter to share a series of photos of Maimi’s Mobekimasu team in Hokkaido, which included the girls enjoying ramen after landing in Hokkaido (picture 1), taking print club pictures together before work (picture 2), and Maimi getting an “ashi tsubo” (a foot massage that focuses on the pressure points) for the program “Enpro” which airs on 11/9.

Blog update: “A lot I want to write about…m(__)m”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 10/28 blog update, titled “A lot I want to write about…m(__)m“:

This entry was written in the morning.
I apologize for the late update.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was
Morning Musume’s Kudou Haruka-chan’s birthday

Kudou-chan is really tiny and cute

Before she joined Morning Musume, she participated in activities as a member of Hello! Project Eggs,

and I was moved when I saw her bringing everyone together with her tiny body

We had an interview for a magazine together while she was still an Egg

Though she seemed really nervous at the interview, she responded clearly

When I called out “Good job~” after it was over, as if she was released from the nervousness and felt relieved,

she started crying

She was burdened with the responsibility and pressure of representing Eggs all by herself, it seems~…

The fact that she didn’t cry during the interview,
and that she replied clearly despite being so nervous,
was remarkable~ I thought

When I was around Kudou-chan’s age,
I was worried about my small voice…

Surely, she’ll learn and experience various things as a member of Morning Musume after this, and since Kudou-chan gives it her all no matter what she’s doing,

I think her great effort will bear fruit

Kudou-chan, happy birthday Best regards

In addition, yesterday there was a press conference
for the BS-TBS short drama
that will broadcast 11/7 & 8 at 8:54PM~,
“Mannequin Girls”


The models
Okamoto Anri-san,
Yano Mikiko-san,
and the actor
Matsushima Shota-san
also appear in it

It’s my first time to play a mannequin

I controlled my blinking, and my eyes became teary

The filming was really fun
Though I was a little nervous playing a mannequin alongside models

After it broadcasts, you can watch this drama on a computer as many times as you like,

and when you click on the clothes we are wearing while watching the story,

and you can buy that merchandise right there

Don’t you think it’s really convenient

Definitely, you can enjoy the story while having fun shopping I think

And then, after the press conference,

there was a release commemoration handshake event for the magazine
“Hello! Channel vol.6”

I was really happy that I could listen to a lot of people’s voices directly

I could share my feelings of gratitude,
and I received a lot of power

Everyone who checked out Hello! Channel, thank you very much

(2) With yesterday’s handshake event members

Alright Well then, today I’ll arrive in Hokkaido

In hopes that a lot of people will learn about us, I will tanobaru with everyone

Everyone, have a wonderful day too

Maimi Sightings for 10/27

Berryz Koubou’s captain Shimizu Saki uploaded a group shot of the members of today’s Hello! Channel vol. 6 release event on her official blog.

As did fellow ℃-ute member Okai Chisato on her entry on the ℃-ute blog.

In addition, Oricon’s Web De-View site published an article on the event, which includes several more images.

Maimi to appear in drama “Mannequin Girls”

Maimi will be appearing alongside Okamoto Anri, Yano Mikiko, and Matsushima Shota in the new BS-TBS short drama “Mannequin Girls”, which is scheduled to start airing on 11/7 at 8:54PM. The drama is about the life of four mannequins who start moving at night, and Maimi plays the role of “Maimi”, a mannequin who loves to exercise and is really into Boxercise, but who is poor at keeping still. Of the role, Maimi said in an Oricon article that she worked hard practicing not blinking, and that during the actual performance her eyes had become bloodshot.

The program listing for “Mannequin Girls” can be seen here, and additional articles covering the press event can be found at Mantan Web and Nikkan Sports.

Blog update: “Hokkaido♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/27 blog update, titled “Hokkaido“:

It’s Maimi

It’s sudden, but earlier Airi sent me a text that said
“Broken Yajima! (lol)”

along with a picture

This is the picture…

(1) The fork is broken in half(・・;)

…it’s like the tart was so hard that it broke the fork

It seems like “Maimi-chan, be careful” is included in the meaning of the text f(^_^;

Ah… Airi… thanks for your kindness(lol)
I’ll pay careful attention(^o^;)

(2) I’ve included a recent 2-shot with Airi

And then
Right now there is something that makes Yaji very happy

Morning Musume,
Berryz Koubou,
Mano Erina,
and S/mileage

appear in a large unit called

Hello! Project Mobekimasu

and as Mobekimasu,
we will release the single
“Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” on 11/16

For the sake of promotional activities and events, Mobekimasu has split into several groups and are being sent to various places…

I’m in the same group as
Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan,
S/mileage’s Fukuda Kanon-chan,
and Morning Musume’s Sayashi Riho-chan
and Satou Masaki-chan,

and wh, wh, wh, what

We will go to Hokkaido

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Hokkaido…
I’m excited

Speaking of Hokkaido,
Airi and I said “I want to go to Hokkaido someday” and promised to go

There’s a lot of nature, the food is delicious, and I love Hokkaido

Occasionally, in the comments and such,

“Since I live in Hokkaido, I can’t participate


“Please come to Hokkaido again someday

it’s been written, and those times

“I want to have a concert or event in Hokkaido~

I thought

So I’m happy that my heart’s desire came true

In addition, it’s an event with a really rare line-up this time, so I’m really excited about that too

I haven’t worked together in a small group like this with Morning Musume’s 9th and 10th gen members Riho-chan and Masaki-chan yet,

so it’d be nice if we get the chance to talk a lot I think(*^^*)

The event is on the 29th at Ario Sapporo

I hope as many people as possible come…

Different members will be appearing at
and Fukuoka

on the same day, so those who have time definitely come and meet Mobekimasu please

Alright Well then, let’s tanobaru into the afternoon too

Until tomorrow’s update~

Maimi Sightings for 10/26

Fellow ℃-ute members Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai uploaded 3-shots with Maimi from the trio’s ℃-ute event in their entries on the official ℃-ute blog.

In addition, the official ℃-ute Facebook page added another 3-shot of the girls from the event.

Full translations of the other members’ entries can be found at blog!project.

Blog update: “Dream☆Collaboration”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/26 blog update, titled “Dream☆Collaboration“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The “℃-fest 2011 Fall ~℃-nacchau no yo: Yume☆Collaboration~”

event at Yamano Hall is finished

It was an event with
Nacky and Mai…

Wah(^o^) Though I was really, really nervous, it was really fun

It was different than a solo event, and having two other people there was really reassuring

If I’m by myself, I’m always on-edge

Well, I was considerably on-edge before the performance today too

In addition, Airi and Chisato sent me a text cheering for me this morning

Today we did both the 3-person and 5-person variations of the battle cry,

and I was able to go out on stage perfectly fired-up…

When I stood on the stage, I really had fun

Furthermore, this time
we sang songs we don’t usually sing,
the singing assignments were different than usual,
and we sang solo songs with 2 back-up dancers,

so there were challenges unique to this event

Based on the concept of
“an exciting event”,

we shared our opinions amongst ourselves and selected the songs

We also decided things like the costumes and costume change timing with everyone,

so there was a lot of conversation, and I worried about it until the very end

A lot of people came even though it was a weekday, so I was really happy

If everyone had a fun time, I’m glad

There’s an additional performance of this event on 11/15 at Yokohama BLITZ,

so the people who said
“I couldn’t go today“,
and the people who thought
“I want to go again“,

definitely, come and watch please

Alright I’ll tanobaru tomorrow too
Since I was given a lot of power

Everyone, have a wonderful, wonderful day please

Good night~