Berikyuu news for 9/26: “Sengoku Jieitai”, “℃-ute Day” DVD info

■ DVD listings for both the “Shishu-seyo” and “Kikan-seyo” performances of the play “Sengoku Jieitai” have been added to the Shinseido Shopping Site. Both DVDs will be released on 11/30 at the price of 3990 yen (approximately 49 USD). Additional information found at the CD Japan listing reveals that the DVDs will have a running time of 120 minutes.

■ Also newly listed at Shinseido and releasing on 11/30 is the DVD for the ℃-ute fanclub event “℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2011 ~9/10 is ℃-ute Day~”.

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  1. some awesome releases coming up! 😮
    need to save up! >_<

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