Blog update: “Thanks for your hard work”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/22 blog update, titled “Thanks for your hard work“:

It’s Maimi

The typhoon left, and now the weather is really, really nice

Yesterday, we had a performance of the play “Sengoku Jieitai”

Because of the typhoon, trains were stopped and roads were closed down,

but in all that, more people came to the venue than I expected, and I was surprised

I wonder if everyone was able to return home safely

Thank you so very much

If you have time, please come and watch

So that everyone feels
“I’m glad I came“, I will tanobaru each and every time until the final performance

Well then, yesterday’s pictures…

(1) With Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina-chan

The snacks we’re holding in our hands are really cute

(2) Tada

They have animal faces
By the way, they’re from our costar Houjou-san

(1) And the one Kumai-chan is holding is, of course, a bear

And then, I tried a tiger

There were other cute snacks,

and I want to include them in the “Sengoku Jieitai ~Female Self-Defense Force Kikan-seyo~” blog that I’m in charge of tomorrow

And then, yesterday was
the final recording for
Inter FM


It’s a program we had for two years
The main personality was Nacky, and each time a different ℃-ute member appeared,

and actually, I was the guest on the first episode

And then, yesterday I was called on for the recording of the final episode

When I compare the first recording and the last, Nacky’s growth is amazing

She always, always leads the conversation well, and while watching the time, wraps the talk up

We look back and talk about the show up until now,

so definitely listen to the final program, on-air 9/27

Thank you very much for the past 2 years

And then, Nacky, very good job

Thank you

So that ℃-ute will be given another program, I’ll go and work hard

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  1. Maimi-chan said that more people came to watch C-ute than she expected…shows her that she has underestimated the love people have for her and C-ute…

  2. maimi’s love for nakky and fellow C-ute members is so genuine and sincere it’s just so heartwarming to see!

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