Blog update: “Watched♥ Look♥”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/20 blog update, titled “Watched Look“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Somehow, it suddenly became chilly
It seems the typhoon is getting closer, so everyone please be careful

Yesterday I went and saw
“Unfair – the answer”
with my close friend


Earlier, during a photoshoot, there was a poster hung up in the studio, and I was always always waiting for it’s release

Ah~, it was amazing
It made me lose track of time

My heart was beating hard,
it was really suspenseful,
my friend and I would say “It’s coming, it’s coming(>_<;)",
and there were also times when my body clenched up

It was really intense

When my close friend got surprised, she cried out “Eek” without thinking, and then immediately covered her mouth(>×<)

In addition, "I wonder if the criminal is this person No, that person is also suspicious…( ̄ー ̄)”

I was second-guessing myself, and using my head while watching was really fun

…though, unexpected dvelopments overlapped with unexpected developments, and the conclusion was…

a surprise
I felt like “Eh… you’re kidding, right…”

Even after the movie was finished, the two of us would say “That was amazing…” and we were caught up in it for awhile

I definitely want everyone to see it
It’s a really really recommended movie

Actually, when I returned home I recommended it to my brother

My mom loves the TV show,
so she’s already been saying “I want to see it” for a long time…

Afterwards, my close friend said
“Since it’s Respect-for-the-Aged Day, is it alright if we go shopping for a present for my grandma

and together we to choose a present

“What should I give, I wonder” I thought too, but I have no idea what my grandmother likes or her hobbies, so I gave up

In the end, all I could do was show her gratitude and tell her “Continue to live a long life“…

Saying something like that formally is somehow really embarassing

While I watched my close friend say “This is cute I wonder if it’ll match with grandma” and decide,

I was moved, and thought “What a kind child~

After that, we ate, talked a lot, and then bid each other good-bye

It’s been 5 months since I last hung out with that close friend

I’m so glad that I was able to give her the birthday present I wasn’t able to before

Let’s hang out again sometime

And then, from here I will change the subject…

A clip from volume 3
of the 3-month consecutive releases of solo DVDs,

has begun showing on the ℃-ute channel on YouTube

The clip that’s showing is
5 of me dancing to music

During the filming I gave them all names,

and from the right in the clip,
Yajima Chisami,
Yajima Kirimi,
Yajima Maimi,
Yajima Amemi,
and Yajima Anemi

are their names,

and in regards to Chisami,
her hairdo looks like Chisato’s when she was young

And for Kirimi, she also appears in the volume 1 DVD,
“a foggy doll”,
which was filmed in the fog

So I named her that

I filmed the positions for 5 people, changing my outfit and hairdo each time

Until the dance is mixed, there’s no way to know if it’s perfectly synchronized, so when I saw the completed clip,

“There’s a lot of Yajima Maimis Also, the movements are more synced than I thought” I thought, and I got chills (lol)

Two more people appear on the DVD

Well then, some pictures from the filming

(2) This is regular Maimi

(3) This is Umi

Well then, everyone,
please have a wonderful day today

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  1. On the names, “kiri” means fog in Japanese. Umi’s (or Amemi’s) name is written “雨美”, with the first character meaning “rain” (a reference to Maimi’s reputation as a rain girl). And Emi’s name is written “姉美”, with the first character meaning “older sister”, likely chosen because she’s the oldest and most mature looking of the group.

  2. wow what a long post! 😮

    the nicknames are funny! xD
    perhaps the staff will use them on maimi some time!
    but i think i’ll stick with Yajima Maimi actually!

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