Blog update: “Zomvideo”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 9/15 blog update, titled “Zomvideo“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today
It seems like it’ll be a hot day

Now then, I have an announcement

There will be advance screenings of next spring’s movie that Nacky and I appear in, “Zomvideo”

Osaka performance
10/15 (Sat.)
Osaka City Center Public Hall

Tokyo performance
10/16 (Sun.)

are the screenings

I hope that the director Murakami Kenji-san and us
can talk a lot about the inside story of the filming

The Osaka performances
are the world premiere screenings

In addition, we will hand out a venue-exclusive original present to everyone who attends

And then, there will be a showcase for the theme song,
℃-ute’s new song “Sekai Ichi Happy na Onna no Ko”,
at the Tokyo performances

Those who have time, definitely come and watch please

(2) An off-shot from the filming

I’ve attached a link to the “Zomvideo” official site

Official site:

Now, today is the last practice
for the play which finally starts tomorrow,
“Sengoku Jieitai”

I’m nervous

It’s starting at last

So that we can raise the curtains with a big success,
I will steadily tanobaru at today’s practice

Let’s have a wonderful day

(3) Last is a 2-shot with Nacky

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  1. lol I wonder what’s with picture 1?

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