Berikyuu news for 9/15: “Sengoku Jieitai” goods list, USTREAM broadcast

■ The official Hello! Project site has revealed the goods list for the upcoming Berryz Koubou & ℃-ute collaboration play “Sengoku Jieitai”. In addition to the usual photosets (two of Maimi’s pictured above), the list includes two DVD magazines which correspond to the two performance groups: Kikan-seyo (vol. 1, pictured above) and Shishu-seyo (vol. 2). Also of note is the curry-flavored instant ramen, which comes packed with an L-sized photo in a camoflage truck. The entire good list can be seen here.

■ The final rehearsal and first performance by the Kikan-seyo group (Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Sudou Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako) will air tomorrow (9/16) on the UST Stage USTREAM channel. The final rehearsal will begin airing at 3:30PM JST (2:30AM EST) and the performance will air starting at 7:00PM JST (6:00AM EST). A single ticket purchased at the UST Stage channel is required to view both showings, which costs 1575 yen (around $20.55 at the time of writing) and can only be purchased until 30 minutes before the broadcast (2:00AM EST). Future events are scheduled for 9/24 (Shishu-seyo performance), 9/28 (Shishu-seyo commentary), and 10/4 (Kikan-seyo commentary).

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  1. lol @ instant ramen! xD
    but those maimi photos… (♥_♥)
    that last set is nosebleedworthy!

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